Sunday, August 31, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Not really, but if I plastered up a title like "Slagging off due to Holiday" or "Lazy Blogger can't be Bothered", wouldn't it seem rude?

The past week was as rough as the week before, but with some heartaches thrown in for good measure. I'm not at liberty to 'discuss' other people's problems, but some good thoughts for one of our knittahs and her man would be greatly appreciated. Worrying over Things I Cannot Fix gets me into big trouble, though I'd shoulder a huge burden to make sure that illness would not prevail over them... if only that were enough to make it all go away.

I spent all weekend sitting and knitting, brooding over what to write about. Topics don't come easily anymore. Oh sure, there's the kids pitching together to make banana bread Sunday evening, the upcoming baby shower gift I need to create (snappy-like), and the almost-there pair of striped socks LeAnn glommed onto months ago, which are now into second-sock gusset decreases (!). None of it seems important when someone you love is facing such emotional trauma. But, no use borrowing trouble from tomorrow... it'll get here soon enough. (Aren't I just a little ray of sunshine?)

One of the weeks' highlights was a phone call from PA. Apparently I have the last complete collection of Anna Maria Horner's "Chocolate Lollipop" fabric. It plastered a goofy smile on my face for two days... about the length of time it took for my lower back to recover from the two hours cutting and folding fat quarters. Oh, and to Miss G... oops. I forgot to take a picture of the plastic pink humiliation, but my neighbor called Sunday morning to exclaim how cute it was. For the rest of you, all you need to know is it involved pink, petro-chemical eyelash yarn, karma, and my apparent guilt over having hair. However, I was rewarded with twenty bucks worth of free pizza and pepperoni bread sticks for my children's dinner that night, so no complaints here. (It's been a weird ride this week, fer sure.)
Off to my medicine bottles I go. Have a restful Labor Day. I'll catch up with you later. C


gaylen said...

Oh bummer. Sorry to hear about the friend having difficulties - as it involves medical issues, I know it's not me. I am however still living in my own personal h3ll, sitting in a corner, sucky my thumb and eating every ounce of junk food I can find. Suffice it to say - I gave in and replied to the email! UAGH! I shoulda just hit delete!

thanks for the ear and sorry to dump that load of garbage on your shoulders. g

Stephanie Christian said...

It's PA writing. I got the Choco Lollipops fabric and OH Joy, Joy, Joy. I was on a terrible mission to find this fabric because I was in the middle of my project (Hoito bag) and found I didn't buy enough charm packs, UGH! Not only did you save my spirits, but my project will be successful now! Love your blog, I hope your back is okay from cutting the fabric, all apologies. I'll send a pic when my project is done (it'll be a mother/daughter Hoito bag, it's for my sister-in-law Melissa who is recuperating from a brain biopsy and now going through radiation treatments) She'll love the bag. Thanks again for this huge save!