Monday, June 30, 2008

Little Boys

It's been a rough and tumble week for all the chirruns at Becher Haus, but Little Man Eli has taken some of the worst wipe-outs I've ever seen where training wheels are concerned. This is him, passed out a few nights ago. The elbows are healing nicely, but the ego is growing out of proportion to his wee body. He is determined to keep up at all costs... or at least at the cost of some skin.

Today the older three got their new rides as well, and when I hopped back into Biggrrrl to come in to fix a computer glitch (I just call a number and get talked through it... don't go thinking I'm gettin' muh geek on, or anything. I'm not Wonderwoman, or even That Crocker Woman), they were already riding like maniacs around the driveway.

Okay, the Sopranos and a night with Herr Becher await me. Photo-heavy post coming up on Wednesday... and hopefully a decent-looking rhubarb tart.
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Dragonfly said...

Oh, such a cutie. I bet he's totally holding his own though!

gaylen said...

They look so sweet while they're sleeping - that's what sucks us in and lets us make more! Glad to hear he's keeping up.

I ordered Lotus' last hank of Love My Way - I'm gonna run out before I finish my pretty little (ha!) cabled socks. I hope it gets here soon - I want to finish them. g

Thimbleanna said...

I've finally caught up with you after my little break. You're an evil woman posting a pic of that AGA -- you know how I love it. And I can't show it to my red lovin' awesome bakin' quilty peep -- she'll die on the spot. Love the purdy yarn and the poor scraped up lil' Eli. I'm guessing that new bike makes it all worth it.
Mel asked me about the trip -- the boys are fighting over that weekend for their moves. Will let you know more as it unfolds. I'm just a pawn in their world. And hey...much as I love the cherubs, it's time to get them moved so I can play LOL.

LotusKnits said...

I'm no Wonderwoman, lady, but thanks for the compliment! Eli's so cute in that pic, hehe.