Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As promised... goodies from the shop

Deb's swank new bag. Pattern: the 'Birdie Sling', from Amy Butler. Fabric: Heather Bailey's 'Pop Garden' and 'Bijoux'. Effect: breath taking. That woman has some mad skilz.

A quilt by a dude. Well, he did say his wife helped... a little. Do note the swirled quilting. It makes me a little dizzy. Or it could just be all the fabric I ordered while he was there to tempt me. Smart man. Disarming me by dangling a finished quilt in my general direction. I think fabric reps are of the devil. Crafty man.

Lil' friend Susan finished a pair of socks. She currently has who knows how many more on needles, but I grafted four toes shut today and none of them matched. I'm not even sorry, because Kitchnering a toe closed is so gratifying. I might never sit on her and make her learn it. (Actually, she knows, but refuses. Who am I to stand in the way of a woman and her nearly-finished sock?)
Yarn: 'Rhonda', custom dyed by Lotusknitter. Gorgeous stuff from a talented southern girl.
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gaylen said...

Love the finished projects. That bag, the quilt, the socks - they are all wonderful. I think I'm gonna hafta add that pattern to my arsenal. g

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Crap Woman! You've singlehandedly been responsible for my tired eyes -- catching up to almost 3 weeks of you is no easy matter. But oh, how I've missed my Cami-Goodness. Especially those rants, which TMofH must read -- he'll love you all the more!(Speaking of which, when we showed up to vote this morning they had mistakenly marked his name as an absentee voter instead of our oldest son's (making me very proud to know that son was responsible enough to request his abs ballot)-- fortunately about 15 minutes and the mistake was corrected so his very opinionated self could exercise his public duty.

I hope you make it to the autobahn soon -- it is indeed a thrill, if not very scary. And they do have it right -- here, if you have an accident you end up maimed and in the hospital -- at those high speeds, a quick smack and it's all over for good. No suffering. Just as it should be.

Love the socks and bag!

VeeDogKnitter said...

ohmigawd...thimbleanna, i am CRACKING UP at your autobahn accident scenario...but you are totally right. but, oh the stau it causes!! you have NEVER been in a traffic jam until you have been in a stau on the a-bahn, hours and hours. one time, i was stuck in a car with two VERY prego women. One threw up, and the other one had to pee, and dropped trou right there on the road, just like a real german! ;o) My friend Kim and i (the two un-pregos in the car) vowed to NEVER again travel with women that were 11 months pregnant!

love the shots of the goods Cami! pretty stuff!
Did you get the new Amy Butler Daisy Chain in?

leann said...

I knew that I loved that red fabric. Seeing it in a bag makes me like it all the more. Quilt is "psychedelic man!" And the socks are just taunting me since I can't seem to finish a pare of my own!

Stephanie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. Are you selling the pattern? Email me on how much it is. I think I MUST make one!!