Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This and that

That new UPS man is working out just great. Today he delivered the 'Harry Potter' Opal sock yarns. I'd already started a "Tonks" sock, and not coincidentally, that was the first ball to leave with someone else. I do heart me some self-striping yarn.

Yesterday LeAnn had the helm of the shop and she, too, had to unpack a box of riotous color. Here is a sampling of the "Sugar Snap" collection from Melissa Averinos, a Free Spirit fabric designer, who was perhaps a big fan of the 'Spirograph' as a child? (I totally loved mine. Ahh, the 70's.)

I'm hoping to add a stack and whack quilt of these fabrics to the growing collection of shop samples soon. (You ready for bag/apron assembly, Miss G?)

In other news, Herr Becher is now the proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler. I'm not sure I can handle the testosterone, but it's sound and sturdy, with big, tough tires, and if he gets stuck driving through the Hereford farm this winter, it's his own damn fault, but that Jeep can crawl up pretty much anything. I suspicioned (it is a word the way I use it) as much when I arrived home last night and saw headlights coming from the waaay back of the property. Dude took it for a little test drive. Apparently, it handles great over rocks, tree branches, and the occasional deer carcass. Groovy. Add a "Life is Good" tire cover and he's set.
Okay, it's Chinese take-out night, and another 'Dexter', season two disc arrived from netflix. Add some kids going to bed and a second sock to knit on, and it's a recipe for bliss. Type at y'all latah. C
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gaylen said...

Mr. Man here wants to know which Jeep he got. Remember, he can have a Life is Good tire cover, but it can't be pink!! g

gaylen said...

You better get the bag/apron supplies here soon or you'll be out of luck until the New Year. We are on vacation countdown! 29 days to go.

Love the sock (forgot everything I wanted to say yesterday). also a stack and wack would be fabulous from the spirograph fabrics. How about a jacket over a dress.

I ordered the felted bone yesterday and talked myself out of giving it to my own dog three times yesterday. But it's still on it's way. I also started the felted hedgie. g

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, yummy yarn AND fabric. Funny about the spirograph. Congrats to hubby on the new wheels -- does the top come off?