Sunday, November 30, 2008


Let it nevermore be said that I, Queen of the Opposite Stripe Sock, do so invert striping yarns out of ineptitude, a lack of gross motor skills, or laziness. Proof that, in fact, I am able (if somewhat unwilling) to make them match...

The biggest factor in choosing to work the socks opposite from each other? Boredom. But I matched the hell outta these, y'all. (And do note the hourglass heels. I may be over my phobia once and for all.)

Second Snowman in the countdown to Christmas Parade: the jumbo-stack of marshmallows wearing a wee 'carrot' of a nose. Many thanks go out to Miss G for fueling the collecting frenzy.
I don't know how or when this snowman fetish will end, but as we browsed through the fake holiday foliage on Thanksgiving, I was planning, nay, plotting, another themed tree. Plans of upgrading the snowman tree to super-sized, and, oh, my... what shall we put on this little six and a half footer? Candy? Angels? Giant rubber bugs? I suspect the children will have a hand in it, and we might possibly already have a start on a Santa tree (surprise, I know), but in the end it's the hunt that counts. Which makes my suggestion that we use taxidermied fish from sea shell shops all the more appealing, but I'm only one voice at Becher Haus.

I had to wait all afternoon and evening to get computer time, and now Eli is asleep, so I must go do quiet, non-clackety things for awhile. Type at y'all latah. C
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gaylen said...

So what is an hourglass heel exactly? Is it a short row heel? I had a really cute snowman for you to be shipped with the squares - but Lucy broke into the studio and ate it! Biach. g

Tam said...

Just caught up from being away for Thanksgiving. Great snowmen! Hubby took one look at those cookies and said emphatically, "MAKE THEM." I was personally more excited about the SOCK YARN, but to each his own. Nice brood, too! You and "Boris" do good work. (wink)