Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shake a stick at it

As seen in the shop: Beth brought in her 'Sophia Carry-All' bag. She appears to be on a bag-stitchin' binge. I can't wait to see the next one!

New on the shelves: A little bit of Kaffe...

And a little bit of sweetness from Lakehouse Dry Goods. Look, Anna! The cupcakes have finally arrived... from the June order. Good thing they're fabric, because they'd be quite stale by now.

Finally, a shot of breakfast, Becher Haus style. Eli decided to feed himself some of his sister's cookie dough. I simply reminded him to put it back into the fridge once he finished. No need to mention it to sister. He complied.
I wonder if she noticed.
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leann said...

I love that he has the cookie scoop to get the dough out. I always just use my fingers. Have I brought cookies to the shop before? HA HA just kidding! ;)

gaylen said...

Was that bowl full when he started? I have a tummy ache for him.

I have so got to make some of the other AB Bags. They are fabulous. Yesterday while I was running errands I saw a lady with a stripy Swing Bag so I asked if she made it. Dork! g

Jaye said...

Those cupcakes!! Sigh! Did you see the bag I made from the fabric I bought from your shop?? You can see it at: