Sunday, November 2, 2008

"We will dig you in" (*Krushchev, 1956)

Last night I was reminded by Crazy Aunt in Alabama about Krushchev's infamous threat, so I started doing a little research. I don't ever remember being taught this in school, but I'm a product of government un-education, so was spoon-fed the socialist message from middle school on. My utter lack of acceptance of this form of "re-education" resulted in tantrums from Mr. Linton, my h.s. history teacher (his wife was a Democratic state rep. in Wisconsin in the mid-80's) and an appalling lack of 'good grades' was my "reward" for not sharing his socialist fervor.
I boosted the following post from Jake Morphonios, written for this blog. It sums up well how we come to be where we are today.
The Left has nothing but malice for anyone with a differing opinion and we are told we are stupid, uninformed, and bigoted if we try to debate issues with said individuals. They don't feel comfortable leaving their names with their commentary, because, other than shouting 'bumper stickers' and insults, there is no factual basis for their retorts. History, my friends, is the basis of my argument against socialism, which is just larval-stage communism. People in this country are now allowed to vote without any of the safeguards that once kept us free from mob rule: property ownership, self-earned income, a real education or vocation. The inmates run the asylum from their desks at their collegiate headquarters, from their rat-infested government housing (see how well the government provides?), and from the welfare lines where class envy (not that they envy us our jobs... we have to WORK for a living- and theirs) is being instilled in them every time they go to sign up for their food stamps, housing assistance, and 'free' health care. I've watched these free-loaders at work. I've seen them get out of their taxpayer-funded cars (the term "welfare Cadillac" came from precisely this type of "successful" moocher)and march into the offices where the goodies are dispersed. (The shop has a particularly good view of the scammers of gov. programs.) It used to be that if you were poor, you did without *gasp* until through your own hard work or the kindness of charity, you were able to acquire what you needed. There will be no charity in B. Hussein Obama's regime. Just confiscation of earnings and a whole lot of very surprised academics who will shit themselves when they realize what they helped accomplish. So much for 'higher education'. Take it away, Jake...

"The only good way to govern our country is by following the guidelines set by our founding fathers. They revolted against mother England for far less tyranny than Americans live under today. Once upon a time, it was just the commies, marxists, and facists from other countries that posed a threat to our nation. Then these factions infiltrated our own country and took over the Democratic party. And since the rise of George W. Bush, the socialist agenda of the Democrats has infected and overtaken the Republican party. There are few true conservatives and constitutionalists left in American politics.

I remember reading a story told by Ezra T. Benson, who served as the Secretary of Agriculture during the Eisenhower administration. The leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Kruschev (who followed Stalin) was going to visit the U.S. and Benson was ordered by Eisenhower to give Kruschev a tour of some of our agricultural facilities. With great reluctance, Benson agreed to do as requested by the President.

During the tour Kruschev remarked to Secretary Benson that communism would eventually consume democracy. Benson replied that Americans would never accept such a drastic change in their form of government as communism. Kruschev then told Benson that it was already beginning to happen.

He said that Americans were being fed one small bite of communism at a time, and that over the course of several years, Americans will have accepted so many communistic ideals, including a massive and uncontrollable federal government, that one day we would wake up to discover that we are a democracy only in name - that our policies and methods of government will be communist in nature. Kruschev concluded that it will be the slow injection of socialist/communist principles into America - not nuclear missiles - that would destroy our nation.

I look around at what happened to my country during the Clinton years, and I am saddened. I look at the accelerated rate of out of control government growth since Bush took office, and I am sickened.

Let me ask you something. When you woke up this morning, did you wake up in the republic of our founding fathers, a socialist-democracy that has lost its way, or under a fascist regime hell-bent on spreading its imperialist control over other nations by brute force? Just what is the United States of America? Are we Reagan's "shining city set on a hill" or are we the fulfillment of Kruschev's prophecy?"

*As an aside, there is no one spelling of Nikita's last name that is used across the board. I'm merely using the translated spelling for the letter that makes the "shch" sound (think "fresh cheese" and you've got it.)

Edited to add: Vocation, n. 1)A regular occupation, especially one for which a person is particularly suited to or qualified. 2)An inclination as if in response to a summons, to undertake a certain kind of work, especially a religious career; a calling.

Anyone can earn their keep if they are motivated to do so, and perhaps more people would be, if the nanny-state would stop pandering to those who choose to remain unemployed. My use of vocation was meant to include those who go into religious orders, as they are doing God's work, and, in living a life of selfless poverty, are deserving of our gratitude and praise.


LeAnn said...

Well said.

Silver Phoenix said...

People in this country are now allowed to vote without any of the safeguards that once kept us free from mob rule: property ownership, self-earned income, a real education and vocation.

I have a "real" education, which is why I will never be able to afford being a property owner, and I'm not sure how "vocation" differs from "self-earned income", but I do have a job. However, something in the tone of that paragraph implies that I wouldn't be allowed to vote by your standards because I'm not middle class with all the trappings.

Thanks a lot.

zose said...

but USA is a democracy. everyone has the right to everything and everyone else be damned.

here in australia that is the message we get about ya'll.

we poor westminster commonwealthians MUST vote or we get fined. but we have a great political process here (if only some intelligent people would bother wasting their lives getting involved.)

I'm pretty left in my views, i suppose, as far as australian POV goes.
I believe in funding for the arts and education and health. I vote ALP, which would be the same as your Democrats (to an extent).

I'm lucky my husband works for a US company so we get our health insurance covered, although we very rarely have to use it because our public system has been kind to us, thus far, even for relations suffering chronic and nasty illness. And to be honest, private health cover in australia simply will not look after you the way public will.

I've just watched 12 years of John Howard totally screw small australian business up the arse while waxing lyrical about how "for the little aussie battler" he was.

lesser of two evils i'd say.

Annalea said...

Ai yai yai.

That bit about hate at the beginning is especially apropos right now, as the reaction of the alternative community to the marriage initiative passed in California is making me wonder if my family will be targeted somehow, someday. It will be telling to see if any of the illegalities committed by those who don't like the definition of marriage that the majority of Californians have chosen (again) will be prosecuted as they should be.

Then again, Democracy is a tyranny of the majority--but it's only the minority that ever seems to care, eh?

The day has long passed since the Constitution was gutted and buried. Now I'm just waiting to see when the Fed begins to use all of the legislation which did the dirty work.

I'll never forget seeing the election results on Tuesday night . . . blue presidency, house & senate, and a headline about the president-elect championing "Change".

At this point, there is no really "good" solution. Things have gotten to the point where either it's a steep descent into chaos and brutality as things correct themselves, or we get a slow march deeper into communism.

Right now I'm just hoping that the "war" will be called off and we'll quit killing innocents. It would make the sacrifice of the last of the free market a little more bearable, I think.

Interesting side note: Secretary Benson went on to become the President and Prophet of my church. He wrote "This Nation Shall Endure", and was a great patriot and proponent of real U.S. History. It's fun to see his name mentioned somewhere. He was a great, good, and kind man.