Saturday, November 1, 2008

Exciting Times

My preview copy has arrived. After a mild anxiety attack, a tear-filled phone call to my Melly, and the overwhelming sense of terror/elation/wtf now?, I have come to grips with the situation...

an advert in the back of a gorgeous new sewing magazine is bound to be good for Clementine's, if I can keep her persona out of the gin bottle and/or jail. Ann did a fantastic job with the ad design (and Melly's logo!); it looks almost elegant next to all those other hooligans on the page!

New knitting patterns arrived two days ago. Twenty-three different designs, from some terrifically creative knitting minds. It has to be the yarn fumes, because there's just no explaining how a knitter's brain works. Wow. Just freaking wow.

And for a post-script, here is Miss "No-Kim" (super-sidekick of Miss "No-Amy") in her full Halloween regalia. You should've seen her kids. A 1920's gangster in a pin-striped zoot-suit and a "patient". I asked her charming daughter how she wound up in the 'hospital' (the girl was a mess... car accident? botched plastic surgery? hit by a train?) and she dead-pan replied "I was mauled by a bear". I nearly pee'd my pants.

Well, I have to get back to business and write the newsletter, or somebody will be in turrrble trouble. Updates needed for the website, too. Seeing as how the traffic might be jumping once 'Stitch' hits the stands. Latah, knittas.
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VeeDogKnitter said...

That is a lovely ad! Well done!
I know that you tagged me for the meme...but my brain is drained right now, as we just wrapped up our Craft Fair. When i actually have a thought in my head i will answer your tag! ;o)

Tam said...

Lovely ad! Congrats! Now all I want to know is WHAT is that woman wearing above that skirt on the magazine cover?? It looks like a wet suit or perhaps an eggplant skin. Very odd.

Stacy said...

Congrats on the snazzy new ad!