Sunday, November 9, 2008

Avery's quilt

Congratulations to Megan and Matt on the birth of their baby girl, Miss Avery Sophia. I am, as always, quite behind schedule, though the plan of cutting my losses and jumping in with the current 'newest human' has worked better than expected. Behold (and only because I know Megan is too sleep-deprived to be looking over here, anyway), the semi-finished top. It's going to look much better, I swear.
However, it's in dire need of a hot iron and more seaming. Perhaps even a little touch of the rotary cutter to bring things back into alignment. Herr Becher is en route to pick up the kids from the shop, which will leave me with two whole hours (!!!) to work on this. I can probably take it to Laura tomorrow to have it quilted in a hurry. 'Cuz y'all know I'm not going to go meet Miss Avery empty-handed!

In unrelated news: whilst wandering around the shop and contemplating my existence as a local merchant, my eye was wandering the shelves and conferring with my brain about what to do with the leftover bits.
Brain decided another 'Clapotis' might be just the thing.
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gaylen said...

Really, your going to contract the clap again? You go girl. Have you looked into the variations on the theme? g

gaylen said...

I forgot to mention that Avery's quilt is fabulous!