Friday, November 14, 2008

Slurp 'n sock

Sometimes being a knitter is tough stuff. Sometimes you fall down a black hole and find yourself knitting a giant, yarn slurping mass of string into a giant, yarn-slurping sweater. Recipe for success: rename the project.

It's going to be a coat.

Miss Deb, who is one of the stitchers-in-residence here at Clementine's, has finished a sock. (Pause for applause)
This one's borg designation is "One of Two", and Sock, the sequel has been begun. Look, y'all... we turned a quilter to the dark side!

(Can I have a hells yeah?) I do love some multi-talented fiber vixens.
Enjoy the day. Time for me to bug out of here. Hopefully Becher Haus is still standing. Rain and cold conspired to keep me under the baby quilt today, and there's just one corner to finish... at home, with cocoa and my feet up in woolly socks. The local farmers have predicted a terrible winter again, and my first inclination is to start hoarding food and powdered milk (blegh!), but the blizzard of '78 wasn't so bad. We built some rockin' cool snow mazes. The chirruns will require warmer winter wear, so I do need to get busy. (They quite outnumber us.)
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gaylen said...

thank you for posting the coat. it doesn't look too big - unless it's being made for a stick girl. Looks good.

I'm finishing the black hole garter toe socks and freezing. Think I'll go make some cocoa! g

melly~ said...

and you're about to turn this knitter over to the even darker side of quilting. there is a new human coming to our world next spring (a girl Ken works with who I just adore) and methinks BabyMack needs a soft warm, quilt too.
see you soon, friend.