Thursday, November 6, 2008

'Spell check' can't stop stupid

I stopped by our local Taco Bell this evening and for probably the first time in my recorded history, I actually had the camera with me. Priceless. Don't even ask why my kids don't attend government schools. This kind of thing makes me crazy.

(I'd put in a ranty bit about civics/government classes not making the grade either, but y'all know how that would wind up.)

The medicated socks I started whilst recovering from the tonsillectomy. I was up until nearly two a.m. finishing these, and they went to work with Herr Becher today. Now I can get busy finishing up the other nine (or so) pair that are on needles.
The next pair due to finish are the toe-ups with the after-thought heels. I have placement issues, but as most of the stripes are four rounds thick, I think I'll split the stripes after two rounds and insert the heels, which would keep the continuity going up the front of the sock. Good enough. I really must learn to experiment on socks for smaller feet. (Kaden, Harrison, Elzo, Kinsley... you're all on the list, bitty-babies.)

Good night to all. Pattern books came this evening. Must peruse now. C
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Thimbleanna said...

Gosh, and it happind at Taco Bell. We love that place. That wood prolly happin at are Taco Bell too. So sad.

Rachelle said...

Geesh. That's sad, in a funny kind of way!

Meh, sometimes spell check doesn't help, either. A few years ago, one of the salespeople I was working with emailed a letter of apology to the father of the bride, because she'd double-booked his daughter's wedding. She cc'd me because there was a refund involved. I glanced through the letter, then paused to snort coffee out through my nose.

She meant to end it "truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you", but actually ended with "truly sorry for the incontinence this has caused you."

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Great socks, Camilla.

Anonymous said...

You are familiar with, aren't you? Good stuff there for sure. :-)

Conni from M-ville

Annalea said...

That reminds me of the quintissential "North Idaho" sign I saw every time I went to town. Posted at the side of a long driveway, it read:

No Haevy Loads

Thanks for the laugh! :o)