Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Because my family are computer hogs

Posts are pretty skimpy lately. It seems a girl can't just come home and expect a turn on the ol' computer anymore. Last night it was Herr Becher music shopping on itunes until after midnight. Arrgh. The night before was WW night (lost 2 lbs. last week), and I got home late, exhausted, and famished. There was also the matter of some laundry that was so out of control that I wanted to cry. I'm back now though, because I couldn't let the day go by without saying a big Happy Birthday to Miss G. I'd insert a snarky comment here, but her reach is long and her temper is mighty. She's not old in dog years, I can tell you that much. Have a great b-day, G. Eat cake. Drink your g&ts, and sleep the sleep of the drugged. You don't have to have another birthday for a whole year!

I am supposed to do an obligatory post for the coffee-swappy-thingie. (Strangely, this is linked to Gaylen as well.) The topic o' the week is "what makes a 'fall day' for you?" and I am instructed to answer here, in the blog. (Swap rules.)

*ahem* (insert more sounds of throat-clearing here)
Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love everything about it, except the shorter days, because who doesn't need more hours to play in leaves, pick apples (okay, okay, we buy them at the orchard already off-tree... but if I weren't afraid of ladders I so totally would pick them myself), and listen to the hickory nuts falling, hitting our haus roof on their way down. I'd say that's what makes a fall day. The kids playing out in the leaves, coming in with cold noses for hot chocolate, and the jumble of sweaters and caps falling out of the hall closet. The mornings are cool in the haus, and it makes me laugh to see all my children who normally don't want to be anywhere near each other all lined up with their backs against the cooker to warm up. It's hysterical, and one of the reasons we keep the haus at sixty-six degrees for the winter months. Well, that and I love being buried down in the down comforter in a cold room, though it's pretty hard to willingly leave such a warm nest to get up and about for the day.

Well, that's all I've got. I have to secretly e-mail my swap partner to make sure her addy is correct and then I'm closing up shop and driving 'Justice' home. Shoes off. I'm pretty sure that was illegal when I took driver's ed in high school, so I get a thrill from "breaking the law". There I go, being all Rizzo again. (That's for Melly. Just 'cuz I'm not a fan of the musical doesn't mean I'm not interested.)
Latah, knittas. And any coffee-swappees who drifted over. You have my sincerest apologies... I usually try to at least be witty. Today was not my day. Perhaps tomorrow. C


gaylen said...

Yea, I'm only 6.5 in dog years (that is if you divide by 7, not multiply). Sorry to disappoint you - I only had one drink and no cake - I know! I obviously need to be taught to birthday it up! g

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

66 degrees? No wonder you're a knitter! ;)