Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Imagine

Yarn. Supposedly due to show up here today. Oops.

Yes, gentle reader, I got too busy (yay! I can pay the insurance now.) being a shop-keep today to remember the taking pics task I'd set myself upon. It was a lot of upping and downing, but I wore good shoes, and there's knitting on the sofa for this evening. I did risk my manicure to dye up some yarn for a certain blogger's spouse and his football-mania. In fact, I can tell you that it takes leaf and kelly green, sky and royal blue, and a smidge of black to make teal. Like gangrene, but with fewer letters. I need to go hang it on the AGA to dry. And make myself a note to friggen' remember to be a better blogger tomorrow. *smooches* C


Annalea said...

Oooo . . . custom dyeing? Hmmmm . . . this opens tremendous possibilites. {insert slightly maniacal laughter here}

I'm so glad today went better for you, Cami! Hooray for busy days!

gaylen said...

I'm sure the custom dying might have been a pity job - imagine that "certain" blogger crying, screaming, cussing, you name it. Then falling under a black cloud - insert Cami - the wonder girl - to the rescue. Hubby will wear the socks with pride and they will actually get made.

Love you - will live long enough to meet you in person, and then some. You Rock!! g