Thursday, October 16, 2008

Benign Neglect

This has been a crazy week. Even as I planned and presumed to have everything 'under control'; the appointments remembered, schedules kept, and went about my dailies, something had to give way. Son-the-second's oral surgery was so uneventful it's almost as if it never happened (well, aside from the thousand or so dollar bill we got as a cool souvenir). He declines to take any medicine for the pain, insisting to me it ruins his "appetite". Yes, this from the child who lives on pop-tarts and bun- less Kosher dogs. Appetite. In a pig's eye.

The dishwasher is still fritzed, but I'm told if I sacrifice another day of my life to waiting on the A&E repairman, it will be fixed. So, what does a perfectly sane girl do with her standing manicure appointment on Wednesday mornings? Yup. Toes. In the photo above you can see a bit of Miss Vickie's handiwork. If you click for bigger, you can even spot the rhinestone 'spiders' on their webs. I heart me some Vickie. Also, there is a spooky milliner at work in the burg of Franklin. (You can find Miss Susie at "Victoria's" as well.) I may be a bit smitten with the witch's hats. Number 3 is on order. Need to see one on? Melly caught me and stuck me here.

Second Sunday was a fairly productive day at the shop. I love special days at the shop. This month it was extra special because Miss Rob's daughter and her man came and turned the ugly beige walls a clean and decent white... all the better to display bright yarns and pretty knitted things. There is a bit of trim work to do still, but a trip to the lumber mill for trim isn't in the cards just yet. Next week has already gotten stuffed with more stuff to do than I can even fathom. I just have to keep one eye on the list and one on my watch.

Sorry about my bloggy-neglect. I'll try and remember the camera tomorrow for the new quilt photos. That Sheri is a wunderkind at making quilts happen. And it has polka-dots. (insert happy noises here) C
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gaylen said...

Umm, the chair and the sofa don't match . . .

Love love love the toenails. And that hats! and the photo of you in the hat :) Thanks for the call - it's what the doctor ordered. g

(P.S. I might have mailed a bad check to that pesky guy - is that a problem?)

Annalea said...

Cami, it was so fun seeing your face over a Melly's today. And the shop--there was an actual photo of the shop!

Vern's brother and his wife live in Wichita right now . . . if the midwest wasn't so freakin' HUGE, I'd stop in if we ever get out that way. (I'm afraid 10 hours is more than Vern would let me roam while he and the munchkins are stranded at a relative's house, as much as we love them.)

So, how about a photo tour of the shop? Maybe get that Crocker woman to man (er, woman?) the camera while you lead the way and point out items of interest?

C'mon . . . you know you want to show off your shop . . . (do I qualify as a stalker now? Hope I'm not too annoying . . .)

Stephanie said...

HOly crap! The toes! The hats! I LOVES THEM! Funny thing...I've been making wacky head gear over here as well. Headbands with butterflies and birds and whatnots. I decided I wasn't accessorizing to the best of my abilities. Hair color is one thing...but birds in nests sitting atop ones head is even better :)

I have to have one of those hats. Guess I'm going to have to copy cat you!