Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big Whoop(s)

Because, apparently, I cannot be taught to look at a calendar. Tomorrow the knit-pit is getting painted. It is also the second Sunday of the month, the day I designated two months ago as "the one Sunday a month you can get you some" at Clementine's. It's gonna be a helluva day. But, with a little luck, the shop will make enough to pay the piper painters and the fumes may prove to be a big draw.

I now need to go set up the sewing machine, because a certain baby quilt has a date with a machine quilter and she doesn't assemble, dammit anyhow. Also, how important is a monthly knit-night? I'm trying to fit one in this month and pretty much for the next many months, it just isn't looking good. Perhaps I'll host them at Becher Haus. I have a guest room for the long-distance knittahs, and how fun is it to go, map clutched firmly in hand (all No-Amy got was a pencil drawing on a paper plate), out to the woods (cue the "Deliverance" score), to knit in a comfortably cozy, decidedly lived in, aw, hell, now I'm just using commas like they're free, ,,,,, ,,, home for craftiness, good food, and bad jokes? You mull it over, and lemme know. Must sew. Babies wait for no lazy girl. C


leann said...

How did the painting go? Did the fumes cause anyone to go crazy with desire for quilting fabric. Or did you just come down with a raging headache? I hope it was the former of the two.

gaylen said...

Hope the bolts are behaving. You might have to post photos and put kits together. Can I sew any more samples - will that help? g

Thimbleanna said...

What's up with you and bloglines -- you two get into a tiff or something??? It's not updating for your blog and it's whizzing me OFF!!!

Sounds like you've been insanely busy -- new eyebrows and all. Hope your bolts are now bolting -- it's not you -- it's the conservative midwest!