Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blink and you'll miss it

Here are the winners of the dye-off. Left is the blog color, and since it hasn't been referred to as anything else since it arrived, it's "Smooches, Pooches", and on the right you have "Air Kiss", the shop colorway. I hope to be able to offer these very soon. Pre-orders to commence immediately.
More Lorna's Laces fabulousness. I love new sock yarn. The second one from the top nearly sold out the first day. I put them out yesterday and there's only two left. Cool, huh? I may love me some serious stashers, too. (All hail Susan the yarn-squirrel!)
Oh, and in case you didn't already know Clementine's was a little different, here's a pic from today. Aside from the jumble on the table, what you're witnessing is No-Amy plucking some one's virgin eyebrows. And yes, I got mine done to. That No-Amy is a tiny bundle of cleverness with the Tweezerman's.
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gaylen said...

I love both of those colors! Love.Them! And I'm seriously scared, when I come to visit - I might have to skip the shop. g

Dragonfly said...

I am loving the special shop & blog colors but oh, that Lorna's Laces is so pretty!!!!