Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ahhh, some good discussion in the comments. I applaud all the clear thinkers, and 'anonymous' was fun, too. If you're a fan of "Chocolate Jimmy" (just my pet name for Barry, since he's pretty much running Carter's '76 campaign, but with a little help from his terrorist friends) you don't need to worry. I'm sure your boy will get into office no prob, what with all the dead and/or fictitious Democrats who are poised to get out the vote on Nov. 4th. That being said, and it's been proven in at least twelve states... follow the ACORNs if you have any doubts about the validity of my statement, I too am puzzled why only liberals/Socialists are allowed a political opinion. As they are purportedly so 'broad-minded', it's enlightening to see true colors coming through.

The fact that my husband works for the Feds has no bearing on our personal politics. He's worked through three different presidential administrations, and his pay was frozen about three years ago. Controllers do an incredibly difficult job, and the training is no bit of cake. Of all the Government's employees, the air traffic controllers are by far the smallest group, and aside from our military, have the greatest job stresses. There are some controllers who are comfortable with the idea of Socialism in this country, because they are certain they will be the 'elite'. These short-sighted individuals don't recognize the dangers such a world could effect upon their children and grandchildren, and they blissfully welcome Obama's messages of Hope and Change. The change will come and it will be painful to all of us. For every one's talk of how broad-minded they are, how European nations have it so great, and how bass-ackwards the US is, I'd like to point out (just for the record, in case anyone cares how broad-minded Europeans actually are) that civil unions aren't recognized anywhere in Europe (and in fact will get you killed in Arab nations), Belgium kills premature babies with lethal injections of morphine so their society won't be burdened with 'problem children', and the old and infirm are being euthanized in the Netherlands. Oh, baby, sign me up. (Yes, 'anonymous', I know you're trying to already.)

As for sucking the government tit, er, teat. My husband actually goes to a job, five days a week, puts in his hours on position, and is paid for his ability to keep airplanes from smacking into each other. For this he is paid a wage. We receive no government assistance of any kind, and my business is not being assisted in any way with an SBA loan. In fact, I didn't qualify, since I hold no degree in business, and the myth that if you have ovaries you get 'special help' is nothing short of a joke. My business exists because I have a loving husband, great friends who pitched in with labors of love to help when things got sticky, and the trust of my customers who know that when they step in the door, they are welcome no matter what their party affiliation, and they get the best deal on the best fabrics and yarn I can bring to them. As Clementine's grows, so does the list of wonderful people I know, and I'm proud of what we have accomplished in only fifteen short months. Starting a business from scratch has been the toughest thing I've ever done, and my voicing my concerns that the government could come in and crush my dream before it's fully realized is not unfounded. I watched my dad's business die during the Carter years, because, as an electrician, there wasn't any work to be had. The high mortgage rates of the mid to late 70's effectively killed the housing market. He did odd jobs and we became homeless. If you haven't lived in a tent, and scrounged your food, shut the hell up.
It was a crappy existence, but we fought through it, and Ronald Reagan had a lot to do with getting this country back on track. He got the economy going again, and my parents could put a roof over our heads and food on the table. I hadn't even tried the "GOP kool-aid" yet, but even as a girl of thirteen, I knew who had it right, and it wasn't the left. Besides, I'm actually a conservative, not a Republican, but given my choice, I'll take a centrist GOP dude over Mr. "Hopey-Changey" any day. Btw, Sarah Palin is a freakin' rock star in my book, and for all the liberal feminists out there not supporting a woman who has proven herself to be a powerful and effective Governor, shame on you. You're just pissed because she's not some fat chick in ugly shoes. (And I'm a fat chick in ugly shoes, so bite me.)


VeeDogKnitter said...

How ironic that Reagan saved your family, but almost did mine in when he slashed my Mom's government job. Oh relax everyone, i'm not a Reagan hater. he was a decent man.
I am glad that you were entertained by the comments...i was, too. I hope Anonymous continues to post in her new alter-ego, i found her refreshing and pretty spot on.
I just cringe at the partisan politics. vote for the issues that mean the most to you, and you will be good to go. Attacking the other party does us all no good whatsoever and divides us as a nation. It is why i refuse to affliate myself with any party, and luckily i am registered to vote in a state that does not require me to be. YOU ROCK WASHINGTON!!
Anyways...again, i am glad that you were entertained. Everyone seemed to think that you were going to get your feelers hurt, but i think you have thicker skin than that, and if you could not take the heat, you'd never have gone into the kitchen in the first place!
Oh...and i never lived in a tent...but the hubby and i lived in a mobile home at one time...does that count? Believe me, i bet your tent was better than that POS!!! it had ants, slugs and a rat. And Dh had a pic of reagan hanging in one of the rooms. Good times, good times.

VeeDogKnitter said...

oh, and the mobile home was directly south of SeaTac airport, like RIGHT UNDER the runway, and when planes took off, the whole thing shook. And one time, we had an earthquake, but didn't realize it until the lamp in the room started waving back and forth. I dove under the table, and my husband just sat on the couch laughing at me, and said "what the hell is going to fall on us? i can hold the damn ceiling up with my hands!" So mobilehome is kicking your tents ASS!!! ;o)

Tam said...

I haven't heard such good sense talked in a long time. You are just a breath of fresh air!

I am also not a Republican. I identify myself as very conservative with libertarian leanings. None of the candidates presently running are conservative enough for me (except maybe Mike Pence, who's not in my district)so I just vote for whoever is farthest right, which is usually the Republican.

I join you in a round of "hmmm-ing" and "one eyebrow raising" about how it seems like you're only allowed an opinion if you have a Marxist one. I think that when liberals start talking about "tolerance" and "open mindedness" they should be required to hire that guy that talks real fast on the radio and blurts out all the legal stuff at the end of ads. You know that guy? I think libs should all have that guy following them around and when they say "tolerance" that guy should jump out and say "UNLESS you are conservative or, god forbid, Christian, Jewish, straight, white, a stay at home mom, happily married, value life, smoke, like fast food, drive an SUV, work hard and would like to keep your own money, blah, blah, blah." I'm intolerant of ignorant and intellectually lazy people. (no small print)

Anonymous said...

My father works in a steel mill as a General Manager. He manufactures parts for Caterpillar and as of last week he "lost" 50% of the contract and may loose it all which will mean 33 people will loose their jobs. Why...Obama's tax plan will result in closing a loophole in the tax code which gives credit to American companies who purchase machinery to expand their business. Caterpillar will be moving the manufacturing of these parts to Mexico where they will receive credits due to NAFTA. I sell lighting with a small business I own with two other Gents. Guess new buildings means I don't sell commercial lighting. We laid off 3 people already. I pay for my own medical insurance, I have zero retirement plan and if Obama's new plans go into effect I loose my job/small business. Chocolate Jimmy does not want to help the middle class as I see it.

Annalea said...

I'm so disenchanted with the whole process, it's hard to care. And I'm astounded (well, as astounded as a disinterested party could be) that none of the socialists have noticed yet that their system doesn't work.

I wish there was a way to actually influence the elections, instead of it all being such a sham.