Friday, October 31, 2008


Trick-or-treating is ridiculous. Especially when one in your pod has really short legs, and he's trying to brandish his pirate's sword. Pics have to wait till I get to the shop tomorrow, as camera cord is still hiding. That "deep clean the haus" thing needs to get done soon... preferably before I lose one of the chirruns in the chaos.

Feet and back are screaming. I need a date with the Percocets. Sadly, nothing 'adult bev' to wash it down with (it slows the weight loss, anyway... Gaylen, you were right). I do, however, have some rockin' cool costumes and hats to store away. No-Amy's 'hood is a lab rat's paradise. Not being from 'Suburbia', I was completely turned around and bewildered. The entire time. That's about as freaked out as I want to get on Halloween. Now I'm off to rid myself of the scent of fast food and get horizontal in a medicated sleep. Boo.

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gaylen said...

Hope you got some sleep. We had the most Trick or Treaters ever - 15! Beau was growling at the Dad standing at the back of our sidewalk while all the girls were on the porch - he didn't like it one bit. Unfortunately it scared one of the little girls. Silly Dog. g