Thursday, October 23, 2008

little bits of nothing

Define tedious.

Try tying wee snipets of ribbon to miniture safety pins. For three hours.

I'd show you a photo here, except the spawn of Satan Becher children have removed my camera cord to a remote, undisclosed location. I'm going on a cord hunt. Then I will sit and continue to tie wee snippets of ribbon to miniture safety pins. Back later. C


Rob said...

I should have taken some ribbon and pins also... then we would both be ready for the "home"... All for the sake (?) of charity. Your such a kind person Frau Becher (with some ulterior motives) snark.
Later peaches...

gaylen said...

Um, I'm thinking if you are now tying little bits of ribbon to the pins that means all the fat quarters are cut!

and Rob - it's not the sake of charity - it totally advertising. Totally and completely getting the name out there! g

Slygirl Rob said...

psst...don't tell anyone but that's the ulterior motive.