Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bits and Pieces

The blocks of the baby quilt are finished. Now to assemble them, but Herr Becher has to be up for work in a mere five hours, so I can't commandeer the bed to play around with block placement. I suppose waiting until morning will be sufficient. *Sigh* I thought the project was doomed to failure, especially as I went to iron the strips ("press after every pass, or your blocks will look like ass") and the bottom of my practically new-out-of-the-box iron was falling off. Somebody has some explaining to do. I suspect it toppled off the fridge, where it lives so curious Master Eli can do likewise. The boy is a bit obsessed with portable, plug-in-able appliances.

All the 'goodies' for the American Sewing Guild's conference are ready to go, including a lovely bundle of Amy Butler fabrics for one lucky door prize winner. Somehow, I even managed to tie a triple bow... with double-faced satin ribbon. I know. It's been a freakishly productive day all around. Miss Rob dropped by and pinned the last eighty-five or so fat quarters to their cards. What a load off. Thanks, Blondie!

I have another plumber coming out tomorrow (yes, on a Sunday... it's that bad) to re-fix the $332.oo drain hose replacement on the dishwasher that took the previous "plumber" five hours to accomplish. I am not kidding. But at least the leak is in a different place now. That's progress, right? I'm refraining from any snarky comments about how Sears can't service what they sell, how no one seems able to do simple repairs on Bosch appliances, or how I'm not medicated enough to prevent myself from removing my shoe and beating the next useless freak about the head with it, so I'll just go collect the toddler from his continuous loop of "Tom and Jerry" cartoons and head to bed.

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VeeDogKnitter said...

Oh boy, i hear ya on the plumbing frustrations. Water water has been the bane of my existence for weeks now. Leaky roof, burst pipe, leaky pipes, and now tons of water seepage in the basement due to massive amounts of rain.