Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Truly, madly, deeply

Insane. That is pretty much the gist of my morning. That whole 'dishwasher repair' that I called Sears about, the one I endured twelve minutes of haranguing with young Mr. "Engleesh ees almohsst me seecund lahnguweej", during which time I carefully and clearly explained that the repairman would need to bring a new drain hose for the dishwasher, and any other Bosch fittings that may not be standard and on the truck at all times. Repair-dude just called. He doesn't have the proper anything for the Bosch. A second appointment will be required. I already gave up my haircut for Mitchell's crown this morning. Apparently it is my lot in life to be a hostage.

Yesterday definitely had it's ups and downs, too. After narrowly avoiding being flattened by a dually truck and trailer on a blind curve (he had the whole friggen' road... I was run of and barely missed eating the Luther's bricked mailbox), I then blew out the rear right tire a few miles down the road. So much for getting to my knitting class on time. However, once I got there, Monday Mandi surprised me with the Lorna's Laces box. New sock yarns for the shop (currently on sale, btw), and the custom color samples were in there. I chose the ones I liked best, and here is where I'd show you all of them, except in all the turmoil of yesterday, I forgot to bring home the camera. We're rarely in the same place simultaneously anymore. This photo-lacktivity should not surprise any of you. Tomorrow is another day, one in which I hope to have the baby car back, a sun-shiny day to drive top-down, and, if I can stick to the main roads, stay flat-free and alive . One with pretty pictures of yarn in it. If this ass of a day doesn't have me hunting down a good, stout train trestle first.

I'm going to go knit and hopefully chat up my Melly. She's up to some wicked cute crafty goodness. Or badness. Depends on how you view obsession. It rocks, at any rate. Go knit. Then come back. *mwah* C


Marigold said...

Lorna's laces have arrived? Could it possibly be? Maybe? please call if there was Lion and Lamb in that box, puh-leassse?

(just a little impatient. can you tell? And I already have, oh, 3 or 4 projects in progress..)

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, bloglines is seriously pissing me off. I've missed four FOUR posts!!! I need to switch to google reader -- if only it didn't take time to set it up -- where's bewitched when I need her.

The new red baby is stunning. Just gorgeous. I can just imagine your new svelt self humming along in her -- can't wait to see IRL.

And I missed Mitch! I might not agree with everything that man does (still processing that toll road sale), but I'd like to personally kiss his arse for cutting my prop taxes in half -- what a guy!!!

Annalea said...

You and I share similar sentiments for the Sears Service Center. My condolences on you needing to work with them . . . ugh Ugh UGH.

Best of luck getting photos of the new yarns up . . . and I'm so totally on a yarn diet (but could you email me prices anyway? lol)