Saturday, October 4, 2008

My favorite things

Above you will see the cuteness herself, HRH 'Justice', aka 'Just Us', in her new digs. She got to go to work with Herr Becher today, as the Fall Festival is in full swing, and there wasn't a parking spot within three blocks of the shop this morning. I even came in an hour early, hoping to beat the mobs and hoardes. No such luck. Ah, well. At least I have good knitters to soften the blows of everyday life. A darling woman sent me a Starbucks card earlier this week (Thanks, G!), and in yesterday's mail, well... see for yourself...

This, my fibery-friends, is a sampling of Stephanie's latest endeavor. She's just opened an Etsy store to market her beautifully dyed fibers and yarns, and soaps. Oh yes. The 'citrus sparkle' wool wash bar she sent is incredible. It actually smells good enough to eat, though as a child I ate an awful lot of soap, so I may be more of a connoisseur than most people. Just trust me, you want some. Go, now. You won't be sorry. Buy lots. This is seriously stashable stuff. Srsly.

More photos of yarny-goodness. I think I have them named, though the plan to give them all 'Halloween-y' names didn't work out as expected. I blame the yarn. It just isn't spooky enough. So, from the top left, clock-wise, we have 'Strawberry Macaroon', 'Sweet-Tarts', 'Chocolate Cherry Kiss', 'Harvest Party', and 'Hydrangea'. I know. They refused all other monikers, even as I warned them they could wind up a "one of", never to be repeated again. Still, they are all currently available, until the next batch of superwash shows up for dyeing. I make no claims or promises what may happen next time.

Well, I'm ready to sit down with my breakies and knit, since it's crickets around here. Call me if you need anything. I'm trapped in festival hell, so I'm at your disposal. C
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gaylen said...! Glad you were able to use the card - hope the check doesn't bounce. Gonna give you a call in a minute. I have a question. of course, that will mean someone walks in. so, I have chocolate cherry and not witches britches? I'm so confused. g

Dragonfly said...

car is so cute!! Yarn is beautiful!!

I've mostly been lurking. Too busy at work to do comments, too sick of computer when I get home to spend much time at it. But I have been reading

Stephanie said...

I'm glad the roving made it there okay :) There will be more to follow. We're getting better at this whole dyeing thing all the time.

I am SO. JEALOUS of your car.

*drool drool*