Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scenes from a shop

As seen behind the shop sofa: the latest quilt top to grace Clementine's, courtesy of Miss Sheri's fabulous sashing and assembly. It's bright, happy, and polka-dotted. What's not to love? (And do note the perfectly perfect corners. That Sheri is a marvel.)

As chatted up a few posts back: one of the pupa-stage Clapotis. This version is by Miss Karen, who kidnapped a pal and spent the day with me in the shop. Thanks for the very good company, ladies. Her friend Mary may still be wondering what hit her... she left with her First Sock Ever on needles. I believe a 'woot' is in order. (Taking over the universe, one sock knitta at a time. Heh, heh.)

As rumored: the table top in the knit-pit. Robin may pass out when she sees this, but never fear, pretty lady. Horizontal surfaces and I have a history, you see. Or won't see, by the end of the day. I just thought you might like to know I 'straightened' and 'picked up' and didn't explode, though it did make me a bit headachey. A good bit of bourbon would have helped.
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That's all for now. My laundry room awaits me. Thank heavens for the auto-post option. G'night, y'all. C

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gaylen said...

Love the polka-dotty goodness of that quilt. g