Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Day of Rest

Bah! I tortured That Crocker Woman till the devil came up out of his hole. It started innocently enough. I had Bigrrrl, five Becher brats, and a free day. Melly wasn't scheduled for much, so off we went to trash her house and go out to lunch. The restaurant we chose for it's proximity to a quilt shop where I'd hoped to score some 'Minkee' fabric was closed. No matter. We went in for burgers and left hopeful that we'd find other entrepreneurs who would have their doors open for commerce... and after failing miserably, we found ourselves braving downtown Indy, at the only open shop we could locate. A yarn store. Sigh.

First Child and I both came outside after making our yarn purchases only to find Melly and the younger Bechers engrossed in what appeared to be shooting craps. That's right. Squatted down in a corner of the parking lot, dice in hand, the children were playing like their lives depended on it. For the record, and in Mrs. Crocker's defense, I believe the game is called "Left, Right, and Center", but as I've never played... I dunno. They looked for all the world like vagrants in an alley by a Greyhound bus station.

That Crocker Woman continued to chauffeur us around in Bigrrrl, and my Xanax started to make me sleepy and a little whiny. At some point, when I realized all the diet Coke I'd had with lunch needed out, she started finding potholes and a sudden, unquellable urge to stamp on the brakes repeatedly at red lights. I may have smacked her a little. The ride got smoother, at any rate. Thank God she has a toilet right inside her house from the garage entrance, or my bladder-after-five-kids would have come unglued.

Tomorrow is another day for getting things done. Tuesday is dentist/dishwasher repairman/knit-night, and by Wednesday I will have come unglued. I just hope I have a suitable audience. C


gaylen said...

No ungluing on Wednesday. Wednesday is a lovely day meant for cake and pressies. g

melly~ said...

you know i'll be there to lovingly apply glue to all your loose parts.
the day was wonderful. i miss you muchly.

gaylen said...

Did I forget to mention that there are weekly topics you are suppose to post on your blog? Did you get your partner? I see your name listed on the side. Waa Haa Haa! g