Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm just trying it out. Taking the title out for a little test-run. The United Socialist States of America. Hmmm. Descriptive, short, and for the older generations, the Beatles flashbacks aren't all that unpleasant. The block-long lines for Estee Lauder lipstick will be a pain, but so will shelling out a months' wages for the same.

I realized yesterday that a fair portion of the voters in the upcoming presidential race were spawned after the wall came down in Berlin, after perestroika, after the threat of nuclear war was (temporarily) out of our constant thoughts. I don't send my children to government school, but I don't hear from Other Mothers that kids these days have bomb drills or 'how to survive a nuclear winter' films presented to them as a matter of course. Even for the early thirty-somethings, the misery of the Carter administration is something they weren't conscious for, so the threat to our freedoms and our way of life that the Democrats pose means little to them. Socialism has been chipping away at our American way of life since the 1930's, but it has never been so close. Ignorant people who would rather punish others for achieving success rather than push themselves to obtain higher goals now stand poised to deliver the killing blow to our society. Re-distribution of 'wealth' (a number quickly dwindling down, even in Obama's own speeches) will make our country shrivel and die, for the producers will soon be drained and we will all get to live a life of dictatorial, communal agony. Does no one remember how the Polish suffered? The Romanians? The mess that was the USSR and that plagues modern day Russia still? Memories are short where the mind has not wandered. Apparently, it is now a free-for-all in politics, with empty-headed children at the helm of the government machine, ready to throw our liberties away, so long as they feel someone else is having to take it in the ass financially. Punishment for achievement. Wonderful. Dems are fuckin' brilliant. I'm so going to enjoy my belated retirement. I'm certain by then that there'll be a "next phase" for "oldsters", with a tiny cot and a lethal injection so we don't use up precious resources or increase the carbon footprint of mankind with our useless geezer-breath. Just remember you'll have to own your vote, you might be to blame, and universal karma (because real religion will have been phased out by 2020) is a bitch. Keep your head and arms inside the ride at all times... it's going to be a helluva ride.


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for you getting the "next phase" shot right now, honestly. If you truly believe everything in your little rant, you might ought to be snuffed out ahead of schedule, as your views are misguided, misinformed, misanthropic, and just plain wrong.

Hopefully you enjoyed the Kool-Aid as you chugged it down--they certainly have you believing what they wanted you to believe, not matter how wrong it could be.

Anonymous said...

feeling a little paranoid? Calm down. no matter who is elected, nothing ever changes. Have you NOT witnessed our gov't in action? oh sorry, i meant to write inaction.
now, be a dear and post some pretty pics of yarn and fabric, and let's not lose customers because of some silly political rant.

Rachelle said...

Holy crap. Uncalled for.

I don't agree with Camilla, because I'm Canadian, and we're a little bit touched by the Socialist brush, so we have wicked health care that doesn't bankrupt us when we are ill, and our economy isn't built on sub-prime mortgages because the government won't allow such things. But even so, isn't being American all about free speech and that kind of stuff?

If you've ever read Camilla's blog, you'll know that having an anti-democrat opinion doesn't define her as a person. But even if it did, I thought that part of being American included allowing others to have (and state) their own opinions.

anonymous #1 - Really? A death wish? Really? For having opinions that differ from yours? Really? That's the American Way?

anonymous #2 - If you'd had the guts to post only the first paragraph under your scathing retort, I might have agreed with your basic sentiment, though I would have hoped to be able express myself with greater tact and civility. But to tack on that condescending crap at the end? Again, I ask; is deriding people for having beliefs different from yours REALLY the American Way?

One last thing; anonymous opinions are pretty much invalid, because if you truly believed what you said, you would have posted it under your own name. If you disagree, by all means, say so. Free speech works both ways. Be clear, firm, and civil. Heck, feel free to be a bit vitriolic, if you wish. But sign your own name. Otherwise, you only come across as fearful crazy, which doesn't do the socialist cause any good at all.

Veedogknitter said...

WAIT...i'm cornfused...who are you voting for????
As a small business owner, i defintely can see your concern, but i just cannot bring myself to support the GOP's VEEP pick. I was a little up in the air until McCain picked her, and then i went SO FAR over into Obama's camp!
Besides, the GOP has had their fair shake at effing things up enough for the last 8 years...give the Dems a shot at bat!

Veedogknitter said...

btw Cami...your last line makes me wonder, have you recently read "Boomsday" by Christopher Buckley? LOVE HIM!! "No Way To Treat a First Lady" was classic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachelle,

It was Cami, NOT ME, who said that the "next phase" shot was inevitable for folks as they grow older. She's the one that suggested that it was coming down the pike, so if she didn't like what she saw headed her way, maybe she should have the shot now, to avoid the anguish and the horrible socialist conditions she believes are on the way.

Sure, she's welcome to her views, just like I am mine and you are yours. That's EXACTLY how things are here in America (and hopefully in other free countries).

BUT--I'm sorry to report that she has power-chugged the Kool-Aid of the GOP. It must also have some memory-removing powers. Please follow the link below, which may revive memories for some.


daywoods2 said...

Wow - Anonymous #1 - you go first. And, by the way, I don't want to have to pay for your shot, either. And #2 - maybe you haven't been paying enough attention. Senator Government has been running on change, change, change, and none of it is good. I get so sick and tired of Washington pinheads being so self righteous (They think that they're God and they don't have time for the real one) and thinking that they know better what to do with my money than I do. It isn't my job to pay for other people's health care. The "spreading the wealth" philosophy hasn't worked anywhere, ever. Socialism just destroys and drags everyone down to the bottom together. They discourage individual excellence, even go so far as to make it impossible. They say "You can't do it, let me take it from someone who has succeeded and give it to you", only it never makes it that far. They take, and then they keep.

C - you totally rock. Keep on saying just what you believe, whether or not the kool-aid drinkers agree. Say it while you can, before Senator Government enacts the (UN)Fairness Doctrine and those of us who disagree are shut down.

Rachelle said...

Dear Anonymous #1

I stand behind what I said, which is that I think that telling Camilla she should be snuffed out because she thinks differently than you is uncalled for. I don't agree with HER, but I doubt she wants me dead because of it. I dunno, though. Cami?

And for goodness sakes, why are you still anonymous? You're obviously not actually a fearful crazy. Why won't you sign your name to a view most people would agree with? Outside of the whole death wish thing, I mean.

I like Cami, and would miss her if she drank the Kool-Aid.

Tam said...

Wow! The bed-wetting, pantywaist liberals are certainly present and accounted for! They want the government to be their mommy and wipe their butts for them. They seem to forget that when your mommy is still wiping your butt she's also telling you what to do all the time and can BEAT your butt if you don't do what she says. Frankly, I'd rather put my big girl pants on and run my own life. You notice their comments were made ANONYMOUSLY? Buncha wusses.

To the pantywaists: Conservatives often ask liberals why they stay here if they love socialism so much. Why not move somewhere that's already governed as you seem to want? There's a lovely place within driving distance that would probably suit you just fine. I don't have to ask, I know why. You want your cake and eat it too. You know in your heart that this is the best place on earth AS IT IS. You want to stay here and reap the benefits of our free society while spewing your politically correct nonsense. Ironically, it is our relatively conservative society that gives you the liberty to be that ignorant and mouthy. You know, you and Sen. Black Man did not invent any of these ideas. All that liberal (Oh! Excuse me, PROGRESSIVE) crap has BEEN TRIED and many of those who've tried it have decided to move HERE. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure this out.

Cami- You're right about everything you said, as we "right" thinking people have always been just that. I've been to other countries and lived in Germany during the time the Berlin wall came down. (I've got a piece of it on my windowsill.) I got to participate in their society and healthcare system for 2.5 years and you're damn straight about it. Since then, you couldn't have paid me money to move back there. These days, I'm starting to wonder how long it will be until there isn't a dime's worth of difference. Any American who thinks that's a good thing needs to get out of their Utopian dream world or spend some time in Europe or both.

All due respect to Rachelle, I love you Canadians dearly, couldn't share a border with anyone nicer. I don't criticize how you run your country. It's none of my business. If you like it, more power to you, but I would submit that the only reason you think your health care rocks is because either you've never been seriously/chronically ill and/or you've never known anything different. I used to live in PA (I've actually lived in 8 states)and I've met quite a few of your countrymen who did NOT think it was so great. If I had a dime for every Canadian who has come down here to get some medical procedure done because it wasn't available (or wasn't available for YEARS) in Canada, I could afford my own private doctor-on-call. I would think Canadians would want us to stay free-market down here. Where are you all going to go when you need some obscure treatment that is not available up there for years? We don't need socialized medicine here. It would be a disaster for us AND for you.

As far as Cami losing customers, I doubt it and I can help out with that. I live about 20 miles away and have been too busy to come up there (and I have a great shop right here in town). After this discussion, I will make a special POINT of driving up there and buying something. ;-)

leann said...

Wow has a nerve been touched! I find it interesting that only those in the Obama camp are allowed to have and voice an opinion. Death threats? Are you touched in the head? You realize that with his background he could not get security clearance to work for the CIA,FBI, or as an air traffic controller. Do people genuinely listen to what he has to say or are they lullled by smooth talk and calm demeaner.
Without you "anonymous" giving you name I can't tell what from what is your rantings or anothers. You can have your opinions just know that by not allowing room for ours you are the political hypocrite.
Cami have Tam let you know when she will be in town I'd like to meet and knit with her.

Anonymous said...

anonymous chiming in again

Tam--it's a shame you use racist language (Senator Black Man) in your post. And yes, I know you're married to a black man....so don't try to spout that your comment wasn't racist. Would you want someone referring to your spouse as Major Black Man? It's not respectful to do so, even if you don't agree with someone else's opinions.

You lost MAJOR points with me with that cheap shot.

Back to my initial point--if Ms. Cami is so CERTAIN that the "next phase" shot is coming, and she hates what this country will become under an administration she doesn't support, then why not take the shot now and avoid the pain and suffering she's so sure she'll experience under the regime she doesn't like? Why put off the inevitable? I'm not advocating she be killed---she's the one talking about the big snuff out and how it's a done deal in her future.

And trust me, I already fall under that "over $250,000 bracket" moniker, so I'll be paying more (as will my business) in taxes. I'm glad to do so, as the cost of doing well is paying more. We've had a PROGRESSIVE tax system in place for nearly a century, and just because someone is taxed at a greater level doesn't mean that they don't get to keep more money when they make more--they just keep a smaller percentage of each dollar. And for some of the services and programs those additional cents on a dollar will provide, I'm glad to pay more.

Anyone here bitching about the government that attended a college/university and had federal student aid had better shut the hell up about how awful our government is. You can afford better things in life because you have an education--an education that potentially ALL citizens chipped in for (and that includes federally subsidized loans you may have taken out and are paying back--because your interest rates were/are lower than market because that "horrible, ass-wiping government" kicked in the difference.

Y'all must get high watching Faux News every night.....on the smell of Carl Rove and his ilk emanating from your television sets.

PS--remember, Cami's darling husband is a federal employee, too...if you don't like the teat, stop suckling from it!

leann said...

WOW temper temper. I see once again those that "shout the loudest" just have to be right! you can shout all you want that does not make you right. Who cares if Obama is of another skin color HE IS NOT WHO NEEDS TO BE IN CHARGE!(I wasn't shouting just wanted to make sure you could read it!) I wouldn't want him if he was 100% fully pedigreed, milk toast, white bread, cracker oh and don't forget a honky either! I'm sure I could think of some others but I think you get my point! If you can't get a gip then stalk somewhere eles!

VeeDogKnitter said...

This is just SO freaking entertaining to me!! I love listenting to everyone argue. been a slow, snowy day for me!
Anyways...everyone, just keep on bitching back and forth all you want....AS LONG AS YOU GET OUT AND VOTE NEXT WEEK!!!!
I don't give a rats arse who you vote for, just VOTE!

Rachelle said...

I hear you, Tam, and I'm not saying we're perfect, though we ARE better than we used to be. I've never lived in the US, but I grew up in BC, ten kilometers from the border, so I tend to be pretty pro-American. I was born in PA, though (small world!!) and all of my grandparents lived all their lives in and around the PA area (hello, Buckland!).

It's unfair to assume that the only reason I think our healthcare system works is because I've never had a long-term illness; I haven't, but my immediate family has, which means I get to watch, instead.

We have lupus (31 years and counting), a degenerative lung condition that will progressively get worse until the end (16 years and counting), and we've had some pretty bad bouts with cancer (lung, stomach, colon, and a weird leukemia of some description, split among three people). Oh, and kidney failure. Yikes! Also, I got my hand caught in an electric mixer once. Long story.

Anyway, no fun, but nobody's bankrupt because of it, which is the only real up side. Also coincidentally, all but the lupus was or is being treated in PA. Seriously, small world!

I agree that our wait lists are crazy (I think most Canadians agree with that), but I think that's something major that our government is trying to address. Some of the recent changes have directly affected my own family in a positive way, which is nice. Still not perfect, but nice.

Really, though, cross-border health care isn't ONLY Canadians heading south for FASTER medical care, it's also Americans heading north for CHEAPER medical care.

I'm glad that there are a few of us Canucks who can afford to head south and get treatment, though; I'm not exactly a fan of a two-tier health care system yet, but I'm open to discussions on the topic.

At any rate, I would never suggest that our system could be effectively downloaded into the US, or even that our system is the be-all, end-all. I'm just really, really glad that my family isn't broke or bankrupt or whatever.

Please think of me while you're buying your yarn; I'm allergic to wool, but am really lusting after that Smooches Pooches lot. I tried knitting a pair of wool socks once, and had to use rubber gloves, 'cause I was getting blistering hives.

Anyway, I gave up after about three inches of sock; my fingers got all sweaty in the gloves, and there's really nothing like a case of rubber scented prune hand to make you temporarily fall out of love with knitting.

Well, smelly prune hand, AND only being able to knit with acrylic. Oh, and a distinct lack of skill. :)

Tam said...

Wow. I guess I know "anonymous" personally. Unlike you, though. I stand by what I believe and am willing to put my face AND my name to it. If you've known me for more than 5 minutes, you knew I was a right wing wacko. On the other hand, I honestly have no clue who you might be, so either I don't know you very well or you are as ashamed to admit what you believe in real life as you are here.

When my husband puts himself in the public forum identifying himself as a racial icon and uses race as a manipulation to try to get votes(in other words, when hell freezes over)then PLEASE feel free to call him "MAJOR BLACK MAN". I did not call BO that because he IS a black man, I called him that because that is ALL THAT HE IS ABOUT. That is the sum total of his identity as he puts it forth. He uses his blackness as a tool to play on "white guilt" and persuade black people to vote for him simply to get a black person in office (without regard to what he actually believes, which you have to research elsewhere to find out, since he rarely says anything specific). My black husband is as sickened by BO and his beliefs as I am and will not be voting for him.

If that was the the only thing in that insanely long comment that you felt the need or the ability to rebut, thank you. I feel quite vindicated!

Tam said...

P.S. Rachelle, thanks for your well reasoned and civil answer. As I said, though our two countries may disagree on a few things, I have always been so grateful to have Canada as our neighbor. Now if we could just work on Mexico...ha

Sorry about the lupus, you didn't say exactly who has it. My SIL has it too and it is brutal. There is no healthcare plan that is ideal when you have something like that. I admit, our healthcare system stinks right now and needs major overhaul. I just think it needs to be overhauled in pretty much the OPPOSITE direction from what the Democrats want to do. I do know people who get DRUGS from Canada. You have a totally valid point on that issue! We'll see what happens in the coming months.

Rachelle said...

Tam: Sorry to hear about your SIL; the symptoms of lupus are all over the map, so no two lupus sufferers have identical problems, but on the whole, the disease sucks serious ass.

It's my mom who has it, and yeah, it really bites. REALLY.

Anyway, good talk! It's easy to respect someones differing opinion if they'll sign their own name, and participate in a civil discussion. Especially if they're also a Cami fan.