Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall, y'all

The fall festival is upon us. Officially, the 'festivities' begin tomorrow, but Governor Daniels is in town today, with all that implies. Streets cordoned off, men with bippies in their ears being all stealthy in the alley as the Governor prepares to speak, and an air of general deadness in all the shops no one can get to, with the news trucks sucking up all the parking. Luckily, I drove Da Baby into work today, and was able to execute a snazzy, illegal parking maneuver (man, is she a teensy bit of cuteness!) to finally get a parking spot. It's not the first time I've ignored a one-way... probably not the last, either.

I neglected, in my rush to the ENT appointment, to pack the camera, but there'll be car photos aplenty tomorrow. For today, I just have to concentrate on not gagging every time someone opens the shop door and lets in the fish-fry fumes from the Lions Club tent across the street. This twice-yearly ritual of stinking grease is to be borne with smiles and the knowledge that I am a Weight Watcher, and it's sooo not not worth the points. Just a little positive spin on the stinky fish.

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gaylen said...

Ohhh, fried fish sounds so good. I wonder if JB will want to go out tonight! You are so freakin' good. I'm finding what you are losing. g