Friday, June 20, 2008

Does this stitch marker make my yarn look fat?

Susan has started her 'Modern Quilt Wrap', and, well, you know a stitch marker is required. What better way for a cafe owner/baker/candlestick maker to keep her place?

(these bolts are just here to asssist someone in the decision-making process... it isn't much, but it's most of what I have in aqua blues/browns.)

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gaylen said...

You are so killing me. I swear it's a good thing I don't live close. Expect a package in the next week or whenever! I hope the chocolate arrives intact! g

Rachelle said...

Oh man, I'm SUCH a sucker for that aqua/chocolate colour scheme!

Anonymous said...


Annalea said...

Isn't much? Most of the shops I've seen don't have more than ONE aqua/brown bolt . . . you rock, girl.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is more a photo of my cleavage than my knitting.

Rob said...

I swear I was thinking the same thing Ms. S...must be a new bra.
Wow! Proud of ya.