Friday, June 13, 2008

Dog on Thursday

I got home from running errands yesterday to find the recent flood had deposited more than just silt at Becher Haus. This young lady had firmly planted her furry behind on the back porch. I've already commented to Gaylen that her "Dogs on Thursday" posts have gone too far. In the meantime, 'Dot' would like to say hello.

She would also like to go for a ride in the Jeep...

just as soon as she finds a work-around for her lack of opposable thumbs.

If you are local and have any idea where this lass belongs, please e-mail me. If you don't have any clue, but would like a hound to hold down your back porch, again, e-mail me. We live in doggy-dumpsville, and I'm sure she was just released to the wilds when the flood hit on Saturday. Today we again find ourselves hit with too much water. Lightning took out my DSL connection at the shop this morning, and we had to find a creative route out of town. Happily, Biggrrrl found herself at the mall, so make-up and books were had.
I'm off to feed the pooches, the chirruns, and the washing machine before the next wave of storms take the power out. Be well. C
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Dragonfly said...

Oh, poor puppy, at least she found a friendly place!

gaylen said...

I think she looks adorable and slightly abused (from what you tell me. Hope VDK is able to work magic for Dot ~ g