Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just another day

They've finally arrived... the Amy Butler solids for the 'Midwest Modern' fabric collection. I've only wanted these for, oh, about forever, so this was pretty thrilling to see on the UPS dude's trolley. Rob and Mandi unpacked everything and got it all priced and put up. This photo is from the end of the day, after someone decided to put solids with their printed counterparts. I lurves those girls. Always thinking ahead.

Here's more cuteness. Liesl allowed me to 'cop a feel' of her patterns and I'm in the process of making a shop model. I tried to pawn the job off on StuntStitcher, but that woman is going to be busy making some crazy cute skirts soon, so it's best if I struggle through a real sewing project on my own. Not that these are a struggle... they are so well written and easy to follow, I'm pretty sure I won't even shed blood or be tempted to slam my own head in a car door...

which is how I've felt most of the past two weeks, with the floods, the local misery, and the bubbling street. The flood waters really had no where to go, so after they trashed cars, buildings, and three area hospitals, they (the mass of molecules as a whole) decided to seep upward out of the asphalt. Comforting, no?

This is the work of three men, a jack-hammer, an additional man with a back hoe, and a steel plate. Some would call it a patch, others perhaps would call it a band-aid, but in the burg of Franklin, Indiana, this is called a repair.

The Embarq repairman never showed up for the DSL fix, btw, and I compensated by stalking one of the upstairs Embarq guys as he was ready to leave the jobsite Tuesday evening. He rocks, and came in and fixed the problem with a new modem, though I had to do some more debugging-yuck this morning... my apologies to all who had to witness my crying fit(s) today and if it weren't for the kindness of muh knittas, I'd have given up long ago. I'm off to spend a night of Clap-knitting with Herr Becher now. See y'all tomorrow.
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gaylen said...

I love you. I got your pretty card in the mail today and it brightened my day. Thank you - I would have sewn the cute baby romper out of the dog print - you know that. Send it to me (even half done) before you pull your hair out! g

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Jenny and I work with Embarq online support team. I see that you were having trouble with your high speed connection and a tech gave you a new modem. I wanted to check with you and make sure that everything was still working ok for you and if there was anything else that I can assist you with. I apologize for any inconviences that you have had with your services and please let me know if need assistance in the future.


Thimbleanna said...

Ok. Now I can't do my original comment 'cause I'm mesmerized by comment #2. Is that for real??? That's too funny!

Annalea said...

Sheesh . . . Embarq is leaving MORE comments on your blog? They do have your phone number, I assume . . . so what's with the "talking loudly so everyone is sure to overhear" tactic?