Friday, June 27, 2008

Mixing it up

There were strange forces at work today at the shop. Emma appeared out of thin air (this is our knitting Emma, not the baking 'Emma') and what did she have with her, but her hip skirts from her belly dancing class. We got Mandi to tie one on, and Eli insisted he had to try, too. (Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, arms up, and out...)

You can plainly see that Eli is a executive transvestite monkey, and got the whole 'arms up' thing pretty quickly. He wasn't half bad at his hip shimmy, either. I swear, the whole big world seems to be out having way more fun than me. Where's my belly dancing class? My jingly hip skirt? My... is that peanut butter and dirt all over my child? (Um, yeah. His daddy dragged him in that way.) The 'live to ride' mentality that has taken over Becher Haus means that the kids are all done with breakfast and out the door before I even take off in the morning. Tomorrow will probably be hard on them, because the morning bike rides that work all the wiggles out of them won't happen. I have a default plan, though.
You can plainly see the empty shelves behind the hip-skirted "belly dancers"... today was 'floor move' day, and it didn't get all done. Dusting shelves and moving six hundred or so bolts of fabric around the store is exhausting. I think I'll have plenty to keep antsy chirruns busy until that daddy comes to get them.

The cycling boy has conquered the bike, btw. He started 'really riding' last night, and has been hard at it ever since. He makes it look like so much fun, and even when he wipes out, he doesn't fuss near as much as I know him to be capable of. He's too busy having fun to bother with whining about scrapes. I do think the Bactine helps, though... it's how seven-year-olds 'self-medicate'.

Many of you wanted to know about the gift yarn Rob gave me. It's labeled 'Sheep Shop Yarn Co.', and is of a chunky weight (3 to 3.5 sts/1") in the oh, so plainly named colorway of 'E123'. She got it at Susan's yarn sale up in Indy. Mostly because I complained so bitterly that she was knitting a fulled wool project with it, when it plainly wanted to be mittens (or a scarf) for me! What was that woman thinking? (Buying the crazy woman yarn so she'll shut up, was what she was thinking.) Thank you again, Rob... I am still fondling the yarny-goodness.

Okay, this post has run long.
Up for the "weekend"... finish the store's floor move, dissolve in exhausted puddle on said floor. Make rhubarb tarts on Sunday, re-start diet on Monday. Laugh more, sleep more, knit more.
Maybe buy a 'big girl' bike and ride with the kids.
Buy more Bactine and band-aids...
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gaylen said...

I think we might be in the market for a 'big boy' bike for JB. I had fun bike riding with the neighbor this morning - if you count full one old-style 1- speed, hunched over on a bike that's too short with a too hard seat for 90 minutes fun!

Oh- I got the package today. I threw the fabric on the lawn for a photo shoot and now I'm talking trash :) thanks. g

Annalea said...

Oooooooo . . . Sheep Shop. Yum. My new LYS out here in the PNW carries Sheep Shop yarn, and it is just gorgeous. Skeined a little tight, so it's hard to tell how bouncy it is, but soft, smooth and lovely.

Oh, and Vern is reading this book called "The Promise of Sleep" by a Dr. Dement. (Odd name, solid research.) The stuff he's learning about sleep is amazing (I get the Cliff's Notes version as he reads it, which works great since I don't have a lot of reading time right now). Definitely get more sleep, girl. It's impossible to lose weight without it (since you mentioned re-starting your diet ;o).

Have a wonderful weekend . . . we're trying to keep the kids from drowning themselves in the lake, and wondering where all the cloudy coastal weather is. :o)