Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't look up... or down.

A few nights ago I was doing the after-hours wipe-down of the kitchen and decided to play with the camera. (It's predisposition to "overexposure" is apparent; these were taken with the kitchen lights completely off... at midnight. Also apparent is my short attention span.) Anyway, I was using it as an exercise to see what I normally refuse to acknowledge, to notice what I'm missing. Turns out what I'm missing is a whole lotta liquor. Also some greasy-dusty baskets what want a good scrubbing. The cabinet is seven foot tall, I am 5'4", and the problem is obvious. I don't drink enough. (In case you're shocked and appalled at the lack of vodka, don't fret. It's in the fridge with the Pama.)

I also discovered if you just wipe the dust off things, it sorta looks clean. (Squinting and dimming the lights helps, too.) I'll be starting the 'clean kitchen quest' soon. It's an annual event, which begins with me cheerfully washing the window screens and doesn't end until I either a.)develop the perfect organizational system for rubber spatulas with removable handles or b.) pass out from over-doing the adult beverages. This annual chore was way more fun the one year I got to do it with my ADD meds. I was on fire that year. Wish I'd made a chart of the baking dishes cupboard. I haven't been able to shoehorn them in nearly as well since.

Today was so much more relaxing than a 'regular' Wednesday. Robin brought me goodies (yummy yarn), Red brought cookies, Phyl is starting another hat, and I got to fondle and grope fabrics from Blank Quilting (new rep, totally nice, think I'm going to like her just swell). I'm going to go knit on the 'Clap' some more tonight. It's almost ready for ball #4 (of 5), and progress appears to have been made. I know. Crazy knitting black holes. I might have to faint from the shock of it all. Go be lazy, or sleazy, or cozy...dizzy, woozy, fuzzy... if it ends in 'zy', you have my blessing. *smooches, pooches* C


Stephanie said...

Your stove makes me drool.


VeeDogKnitter said...

What i am shocked and appalled about is that the poor bottle of Bombay is shoved up there, next to a jar of marbles (?) like it does not even matter. OH, and i think i am in love with your stove.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's your kitchen? How pretty!!!!! Oh, and I would LOVE to have some of that kahlua, please. :-)


Rachelle said...

The kitchen looks great! I second Veedog, though - you're doing your gin a terrible disservice leaving it all tucked away up there!

Anyway, if you're going into cleaning frenzy mode, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that you don't encounter the poop lasagne again! Best story ever, by the way. EVER! :P