Thursday, June 19, 2008

Outside my door

A big, gawping hole... closer to the door this time.

The many layers of Franklin... a trial to be endured...

because of this lil' bit o' cuteness. Longer hair and he's all 'Sawyer'-esque. Thimbleanna, you are so missing out on some fun over here.

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Thimbleanna said...

Ya know Cami, you have the perfect life. It's just so unfair (for me -- rocks for you!) You can fondle fabric all day, and then when you need a little diversion -- just look out the door and there he is! Did you ladies all line up on the sidewalk and cat-call to him? If not, WHY NOT????

Anonymous said...

Hey Cami, This is Conni. I tried to use the link to your email but it didn't work, and it's too late to call the shop. I just now read your message to me. (It's Thursday evening, June 19.) What's up?