Monday, June 2, 2008

This and that

Okay, I've been trying to get out of my house all day, but with the plumbing nightmare going on here at Becher Haus, I decided I'd sit and hold 'Clapotis' for awhile. This is it, sort of splayed out, though I've only done ten "ladders" so far. It's a long, steep road to climb, but on the upside... I'm on ball #3 now. (woo-hoo)

Here is the mess of a bidet, having it's guts overhauled. That ugly chrome stalk sticking up out of it is the new diverter. The old one was a lovely porcelain lever handle, very 'Victorian' looking and which exactly matched the bidet's faucet handles, the lav handles, and the pull lever flusher on the toilet. Now, thanks to the craptasticness that is American Standard plumbing fixtures/faucets, we have a mismatched mess on our hands. And at six-hundred and some dollars for the re-do, I'm just an unhappy girl. In the end (no pun intended) though, what matters is a clean backside and hopefully that will be restored to Becher Haus very soon. (It has been over four hours... this surgery is going kind of long...)
The new parts are Moen, and I'm told that, as American Standard no longer makes the replacement parts for my seven year old piece of crap, this new one is all that can be found to fit, unless I wanted to spend even more cash on another American Standard faucet set. Hmmmm, let's see... the upstairs bathroom has already been completely overhauled (toilet guts, lav faucets, shower diverter... all American Standard, all crap), the downstairs has had it's share of difficulties (photo below is just the latest tribulation)... again, all American Standard. I'd say, if you're building or remodeling, you know who to avoid, now don't you. Unless this looks like a fun way to kill a day and several hundred dollars:

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Annalea said...

Woo-hoo! What a gorgeous color . . . it's just like some Nature Wool I bought. Love it!

gaylen said...

I think your clapotis looks great! I have just dropped the 3rd ladder on mine! I love the color of yours.

mandi said...

i wonder if you're plumber told all his friends and family to check him out on your blog? Look ma, i'm famous!