Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dude, where's your cake?

Emma's Bakery totally pulled through for us, and Joe, seven today, got the "cake" he desired. (That hidden peanut butter layer is ever so tasty.)
Two down, three to go, as far as bike-shopping is concerned. We went to Bicycle Garage Indy and our salesguy was super. Too bad Joe didn't opt-in for the training wheels. We are currently running low on band-aids and Bactine spray, and he's more than a little frustrated at his lack of balance (actually, it's more of a 'not-peddling-fast-enough' problem). But, a snappy new Trek bike when you're seven is probably a lot like being handed the keys to a stick shift at age 14... if you want it bad enough, eventually you get it out of first gear.

Littlest dude got his today, too. Yeah, he pretty much made Joe eat his dust, trainers and all.

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Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! Party at your house! Looks like the boys are having a high ol' time!

Robin said...

What fun...a good time at the Becher home. Summer birthdays are so fun to celebrate. I was wondering if you found bikes for all the kids how you were going to get them home - certainly not in one trip. Happy Belated Birthday Joe...My Joe (grandson)has the same birthday - what a coincidence! He turned 14 and 6'2".
Always, Rob

gaylen said...

I love birthdays - Yummm cake! I haven't had cake in a long time. I loved when the girls learned to ride bikes. It's fun. Did you break down and get a bike too? g

Stephanie said...

Looks like everyone got what they wanted :) I love it when it works out like that!!!