Sunday, June 8, 2008

Progress and pincushions

I think sleeping until almost eight a.m. was good for this ol' girl. I don't feel like crying anymore (but that could have just been the beer and Xanax working their magic), and by the light of day, things seem more normal. Of course, I didn't spend my night in a church gymnasium on a cot.

Plans for later today include (after a quick phone to police see what back roads are open) possibly trying to get back to the shop, to unload the yarn from the bowels of the Jeep. Stuck at home in the meantime, as Herr Becher had to take Bigrrrl to work. A fifteen passenger van is starting to look better and better, as I keep finding myself in situations where I need maximum transport volume, plus seating for five kids.

Today's immediate plan of action is rearranging the pins in the felted pincushions I bought yesterday. One was to be a gift, except I can't decide which is prettier, so I've been moving the 'sample pins' from one side to the other, making them model (they don't get the whole "pout, turn, pose" thing... but it's early and I haven't had my pseudo-coffee yet). I now also see the folly in using my personal skeiner at the shop, because I want it and it isn't here. Ugh. I haven't heard from Mandi or Rob yet to know if they're okay, but it's still before nine in the morning and calling them now would just be mean, if they got any sleep at all. Pictures later, though I didn't take any good ones at the festival... I'd been charging the battery and decided Saturday would be better (thinking more people, more activity, more more) and then all we had was the flood. Shit. I will show you the loot, and do a link list so you can go see for yourself some of the coolness that was around, for tomorrow's post (meaning, I have to find the camera in all the mess of my shopping bags). Until then, stay dry and out of trouble, k? C
p.s. Spellcheck refuses to believe 'skeiner' is a word and this pisses me off greatly. Muggles.


Knitterary said...

I'm glad to hear you're safe and mostly dry. My friends in Indy said it was super bad there, too.

We had some tornadoes and flooding -- one tornado clipped my sister's neighborhood, but she's fine -- but I don't think it was anywhere near as bad as what you got.

Be safe.

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

I felt bad that we couldn't make it. There was a lake in our neighborhood. ;(

LAUREN said...

My home town (in Australia) had major flooding in February this year and many people are still unable to live in their homes because of the major repairs required. My thoughts are with you and your friends at this time. The fact that it was your craft show weekend makes it even worse. Hope your shop is OK.