Thursday, June 12, 2008

The week in review

Jefferson Street, through my windshield, just after I dropped the kids off at the shop. An hour or so later and this crush of rain water would lift the prosecutor's office off it's foundation, and all roads to downtown would be barricaded. The cars that floated away seemed to gravitate to the baseball diamond (including, but not limited to, a fire chief's truck, a squad car, several Hondas, and a moped).

A little dude turned three. This is after our bathroom adventure. The cake I ordered was chocolate, the cake I picked up was... well, not. It was cute and edible, and lasted less than a day, but I'll definitely be more specific about flavors for the next five cakes. All chocolate. Yes, just five more cake-eating celebrations between now and mid-August. Obviously, my lack of a waist isn't going to be cured anytime soon.

Melly took this photo yesterday of the sock re-do. I actually spent most of the day shoveling in plates full of her home made fried rice. It was fantastic, and I'm not a bit ashamed to say I'd do it again. I sure do like that crafty girl. Her blog is busy being weird now, but keep an eye peeled for blogging action from her soon...
Time for me to haul everyone out of the shop. 'Socks for Scaredy-Cats' begins on Saturday. You comin'? C
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gaylen said...

I wanna be there. But no, I won't be comin'. On Saturday I have an ASG meeting and on Sunday we're off to the races again! I'm hoping to win big this time so I can buy stuff! g

PS - what's with all the double pointed, cuff down action lately?

Stephanie said...

Holy crap woman! You DROVE in that???? Are you nuts? Yes...yes I think you must be (especially since you talk to ME LOL)

My knee is on the mend. It's my flippin' heel that is still causing me a lot of pain right now. But the knee...the knee LOVED that electrode thingie they did to me the other day.

Rachelle said...

That's a lot of water! Yoiks! And a LOT of cake! And a freaking CUTE smile!

VeeDogKnitter said...

Hey Camilla...i just read your comment on Gaylen's blog about your dog....I am asking around in the rescue-world about who the pointer rescue person is for your area. Gaylen will probably forward you my email address...just wanted to give you a quick heads up, and hopefully we can get this girl rescued..unless your family has already "rescued" her!!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, little Eli is so cute. Very sad that he's getting older -- soon he won't be falling asleep just any ol' where. Sounds like you've got some sock fun coming up -- I hope you have a great time!