Monday, April 28, 2008

Adding to yesterday's list

Bathroom tile grout. This exists only to make me look like a lazy hausfrau. I'm keeping an eye peeled for a good tile man. Things have to change, or we'll need haz-mat suits to take a shower. Bleach only goes so far, and beats the crap out of the septic tank. (No pun intended.)

Kenmore appliances. We bought the cheapest super-capacity washer/dryer combo on the sales floor at Sears, with an eye to upgrading the laundry in a few to five years. The washer is a disaster, but will it die? Absolutely not. I've done everything but run a load of bricks and rocks through it, and it still chugs on, happily, nearly eight years from date o' purchase.

Artificial nails. And the "soaking off" process. I took mine off last night. An hour of my pitiful life, sucked away in a cloud of acetone. Today I can type faster (fewer of the4se to correct), but they look sad and ugly, not to mention sort of anemic and diseased. Grrr.

So, it's off to town for us, the gang of six, to have the Harlot-stalking t-shirts made. Melly designed the graphics, and they are super-cute. I hope everybody who's going tomorrow likes them. Or at least refrains from gitching and bipeing too hard. RedRhonda is a little peeved about my insistance she wear one. This interferes with her big 'sweater wearing plans'... but she's made beautiful cardigans, so I fail to see the problem. Latah, knittas.

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gaylen said...

I never would have guessed you were in such a cranky mood while talking with you. Hope you managed some shut eye and an episode of Lost! g