Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm onto you

Now that I know who the photo-whores among y'all are, and that I can garner comments without actually typing a single word, I'm wondering what to show you next. Yesterday some lovely fabrics arrived, and I'm labeling the previous post's pics so the curious among you will know "who" to ask for when you decide you can't spend another moment without the whatever it was that set you to drooling. I've already fondled all the new Kaffe. The scarlet "Stencil" fabric is my personal fav. There is a lot more on it's way... the storage troubles are starting to rear up again. I fear I may have to fall on bended knees and beg Melly's man for more cupboards... yeah. He's soooo over woodworking for Clementine. I think we're looking at the old, college board and cinder block "bookcase" until I figure out how to use a few power tools.

Later today I'll be posting another photo. I have taken a lover, and I want y'all to meet. Oh, and there's going to be a contest. Yarn, fabric, and names are involved. I'll see you back here this afternoon. Latah, crafty mommas. C


Stephanie said...

Oh c'mon...there were words!!!! *snicker* WHA?? You expect better from us?? You totally knew we were all going to drool over that fabric. THAT'S WHY YOU PUT IT THERE!!!!! You are a tricksy one. Don't think I don't know. It takes one to know one (evil grin)

Dragonfly said...

ok, ears perked up at the words "contest". (this is partially because I'm tired and when I'm tired I read aloud... this should annoy co-workers today.

Our parents still have cinder-block and board bookshelves. Every year they get taken apart to make room for the Christmas tree.

Thimbleanna said...

You're SO funny -- I freely admit to being a photo-whore! Isn't all that visual stuff what draws us to fabric and yarn??? My parents too, still have those shelves with piles of bricks to separate them. Maybe you need to have a shelf building party. Get a saw and wood and rally the troops to put them together! If you wait long enough I'll be down to help!!!

Annalea said...

I looooooved the photos yesterday . . . you keep us all so visually starved 'round here, you know. ;o)

And I love contests, although with the sharper tacks that read this blog, I don't know if I stand a chance!

Have a great day, Cami, and maybe you can bribe Melly's man with some yarn or fabric for Melly . . . (she can make it up to him, I'm sure . . . ;o)

melly~ said...

I did ask him yesterday and he didn't run screaming from the room so I'd say that's hopeful, wouldn't you? :)