Thursday, April 24, 2008

a wee-hours post

It's a few minutes past one a.m., and I've just gotten the sticky buns ready to raise in the fridge overnight (it's all the eggs in the dough... don't want to be a Salmonella Susie) and I realize the reason for my angst... I can't find the last book of checks for the business account, and there is stuff what needs paying, and the nagging terror I feel at Not Getting It Done is making me flip out a little. So, today, after I snag a few hours drugged-up "down time", I'm re-taking that paperwork mountain. Gotta go sleep. Yesterday was brutal. Today will be better. I know because it will have freshly baked sticky buns in it, and the kids love those... it's like a bribe... that they keep falling for.

p.s. for my fav Thimbleanna: you do the work of the devil, alerting all to quilty-contests, and what have you. I didn't think for a minute to be considered for a list of your favs... I read your blog and link list and you do get around, but I'm tickled that you wrote me in... kinda like getting a special seal of approval, even though I'm a newbie at this whole, weird alternate universe I keep finding myself in. Thanks for thinking of me, and for the nice comment. It'll keep me off the ledge for a while. *grin* C

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Thimbleanna said...

Well, dearest, you must re-think and for much longer than a minute, 'cause your definitely at the top of my favs list!

Now, we must discuss this raising in the fridge concept. I've always wanted homemade sweetrolls first thing in the morning, but who's going to get up 3 hours early to make them, and by then it's not first thing in the morning anymore, is it? Does this raising in the fridge really work? 'Cause I thought yeasty things had to be in a warm environment to rise??? If I make sweet rolls up to the point of rolling them, then put them in the fridge, can I just pop them in the oven in the morning? You and that AGA are my bakey idols!!!