Friday, April 18, 2008

the missing photos

This is really how it happens. The toddler staggers out from his slumber and mumbles for a cuppa decaf. Note the bed-head, the scrumbly t-shirt, and the half-full mug of joe. He really gets into his 'morning routine'. (I'd have taken pictures of The Others, but they are in various stages of growing up and are far more snarly in the a.m.)

Please do not click for bigger, because the top of the AGA gets washed exactly once a year, when we shut it down for it's annual service. It's a deliciously warm place to park in the morning... obviously he's a properly trained hedonist.

And here we are, at the wee bit of food porn, freshly baked this morning. If you didn't make it to the shop, I am so sorry. They were suprememely buttery and perfectly flakey, and the chocolate... Melly would just like for me to let you know "these are sinful, Cami"... and now I have to get back to work. Go be crafty. I'll see you back here later. C

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Annalea said...

Mmmmmm. Thanks, Cami. I think I'll need an extra glass of green drink just to counteract seeing those gorgeous pastries. :o)

melly~ said...

look at that sweet face. i could almost be persuaded to think he was some sort of angel with that mug. too, too cute.
and i don't even have words for those pasteries. if i were catholic i'm sure a trip to the confessional would be in order. thank gawd i can have all i want guilt free.
who loves you, baby?

Dragonfly said...

Photos, I can see photos!! Eli is such a cutie.

and those pastries are yummy looking!

Thimbleanna said...

There he is -- your littlest angel -- what a cutie! And OhMyGosh do those ever look fabulous. I'm calling in my order before my next visit LOL! Melly's cracking me up -- especially since you two are Juno lovers -- I can see I'm going to have to work with the two of you!

Marigold said...

i drool every time i see that Aga, clean or not. The new website looks great!

Annalea said...

Cami, I figured out what was wrong with the "Blog This!" fucntion in Picasa. It doesn't work if you're concurrently signed into the Picasa Web Ablums. Just look up in the right hand top corner of Picasa before clicking on the "Blog This!" button, and see if you're signed into your web albums. If you are, click on the "Sign Out" link, and you're in business.

That might explain why you can't ever seem to post photos from home . . . hope this helps!