Monday, April 7, 2008

Not another deleted post

I think only Melly saw what I threw up here earlier. She'd already critiqued it, when I had to call and get her superior movie-trivia brain to remember the movie "The Heavenly Kid" (and all she had to go on was a snippet of plot... she rocks!).

I had a wonderful day spent with her out here, in the woods of BFE, at the doll house. She cleaned the crap craft room and folded about a cubic ton of laundry (which the kids have actually put away) and cooked me spinach-artichoke dip... it was a fine day. She's still ragging at me to go watch "Lost". I've never seen a single episode, and redRhonda's boxed sets of DVDs are waiting for me to get "caught up". This is the shenanigans they put me up to. Because of those two, corrupted women, I've been exposed to both "Weeds" and "Dexter" and that, my friends, is how I've become such a late-night owl. I'm an addict now. Maybe "Lost" will suck duck farts (heh, heh) and I won't have lost sleep over trying to cram three seasons of t.v. programming into a span of a week or two. Soooo... gotta go get started on that. Just finished a tiny, Eli-sized warshrag. (I knit it while Boris posted... dude needs to type faster.)


Annalea said...

I saw your earlier post, too, Cami. I feel like this is a bonus . . . two posts in a day. ;o)

melly~ said...

Girl-child just called. Seems she was up till 4 this morning feeding her new LOST addiction. Just like her momma. I'm so proud. Resistance is futile, yaknow.
Enjoy! You'll be cursing both RRhonda and me come morning. heh heh

melly~ said...

P.S. you got too many O's in your poop hyperlink. -lol-
maybe you should seek medical attention for that. ;)

gaylen said...

I too saw the earlier post, but was too busy at work to reply. That truly is sucky about the Mother's Day Shop Hop - so scr*w her and just plan your own. Your's will be better!

Purses are winging there way to you via the man in brown - hope you love them :)

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, poor, poor Cami. You're being sucked into the Lost vortex. I'll be amazed if you can resist! Woohoo Melly -- that woman's a keeper!!!

Dragonfly said...

I have been re-watching Lost via ABC's website. Actually I'm amazed how interesting it is to watch when knowing the current state. Also watching all at once, so to speak, rather than months apart, it's amazing how much more I pick up on that I missed the first time around.