Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's in the way that you use it...

I need to knit this right now. I haven't been on the knitty site for months. It was kind of weird when I realized that. It had been one of my regular "stops" when putzing around, and as a Very Bad Raveler, I liked the ease of not having to look at every. damn. thing. that every knitter on the planet was knitting... just a few handfuls of patterns, mostly useless to a fat girl such as myself, but I could float through the archived patterns for hours.

Until I saw "Cleaves". I have loads of yarn. I have arms that are roughly the size of everybody else's arms. It's kismet. I kinda-sorta-maybe a little twisted my ankle today at the shop. Leg moved, shoe (yes, the very same style/color that Gaylen just bought) didn't. I really noticed it once the Vicodan I'd taken for my back wore off. Arnica was applied to the swollen bits and I took more meds, which had the advantage of easing me through the spouse's movie selection for this evening. As it turned out ,"The Lives of Others" wasn't bad at all. Neither of us are fluent in German, so we had to read the movie. Not a good "knit flick" though, for the obvious reason.)

Now I'm off to make a copy of the pattern, and debate over exactly which color to use. How some people's brains work is fascinating. A sweater that isn't. It's a perfect excuse to stay off my hooves for a day. I may be changed forever. C


Thimbleanna said...

Wow! That cleaves thing is pretty cool -- that would really come in handy for me at work when my arms get cold. It sounds as if you're falling apart my dear -- you must get some rest and do some re-building!

melly~ said...

I want to knit a cleaves too!