Friday, April 4, 2008

Falling over

I apparently don't know my limits, and the webs is too slow to get pics up here from the house. I keep getting the "error on page", but this is giving me the chance to compile my e-mail list. Thanks for all the addys... keep 'em coming!

Today was a banner sales day in the shop, and I'm more than a little wiped out, but the laundry is going, I'm headed to the kitchen to brew some decaf and sort paper work (gag) and plot out the course for the next two days. This is shaping up to be my biggest week so far, and with two days to go, I'm trying to conserve my energy. There's a new blade in the rotary cutter, all the winter yarns are deeply discounted, and LeAnn helped me move the auxillary table out of the knit pit. There is a gang of knittas coming in tomorrow, and the pit needs some re-arranging to make it comfy-cozy. I should probably also vacuum. And find the coffee table. And dig any errant needles/toys/snack foods out of the cr*ch*t sofa. But tonight, I'm baking them cookies.
I heart knitting groups that want to hang out at Clementine's. I'll be busy up front, cutting fabric for all those bundles (the prizes and the ones for the fiber festival), so I won't get "sucked in" and not get any real work done (like what usually happens on Wednsedays). Wish me luck. If you need anything, call me at the shop (phone # is in the link). I will get pics posted before I leave the store tomorrow. Today was just nuts. C
p.s. Rob, Mandi, et al... call and check in on me a few times tomorrow, k? Just in case I've had to xanax and am still wielding a rotary cutter. Sometimes I even scare myself, but I'd like to keep all my fingers.

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Thimbleanna said...

Woohoo! Sounds like things are picking up down there. Sure wish I could be one of your knitters!