Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Again, with more feeling

Okay, the sample took Rhonda (who you will recall is a wife, mother, and full-time air-traffic controller) two weeks to knit, though I suspect it wasn't exclusive, as she's already started something else (a mysterious secret, can't be revealed here), and I should mention for the benefit of clarity, that the "fern" green is the substituted yarn in the kits... you just put the "jelly" (the chartreuse green) where the pattern calls for gold, and the "fern" where the "jelly" would go. In this instance, the stuntknitter wanted to swap out another color ("meadow", which is really a pale silvery-green) with a periwinkle color, which insists on showing up in all the photographs as a white/oyster/gray. It isn't, but I think all the other colors look just about dead on. And the cutting table is 72" long, and there is 6-8" hanging over the ends. It could probably be blocked out wider (it's about 16" here), and this is all with the split-out balls of kidsilk. If you look closely at the right, lower photo edge, you can see a bit of the bag of left-over yarn bits, so no shortages were had and it is so fabulous. I have kits ready to mail, tied up in tissue and ribbon. You know how to reach me if you can't live without one.

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melly~ said...

The modern quilt wrap was unveiled in it's entirety last night at knit night. I'm chattering away in my usual banter until Cami puts it in my hands. I'm speechless. I'm not even kidding. I immediately wrapped it around my neck and shoved the remaining bits down my shirt. IT'S THAT NICE.
We argued for a bit over the versatility of the wrap and it went a bit like this:

Cami: It would be great with a sleek black pantsuit.

Me: To hell with that - jeans, cowboy boots and a tank.

Rhonda: Naked.

Rhonda was the winner. It's that nice.

I'll be knitting two.

Robin said...

Rhonda...you are, as Cami says, "the Olympic Knitter" - this beautiful beast is gigantic and loverly - I can only hope when I grow up that I might knit half-as-fast as you, my dear.
Live long and prosper...
(and if you ever want to knit something for a fan (me) Rock on chickie...)

Dragonfly said...

Melly was speechless?!?

I want kit, although I'm considering saving it for knitting olympics, it seems like the perfect item to me.