Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not knit night

I should have been prepared for the effect all of our sweet weather would have on knit night. Actually, I was. I'd already begun this sample quilt on Sunday. There were more strips to stitch together, and after a bit of slicing and dicing, I had a few four-patch blocks to show for my solitary efforts. I'm getting back to it now. Another hour of sewing and it'll be time to pack it in.

Six episodes into season one of "Lost"... I'm not feeling the love yet, but the Korean guy is hot, so I'm guessing he'll die soon. I'll be knocking back a few more episodes tonight, in case 'total immersion' is what it takes to make a fan out of me. (Otherwise, Melly and redRhonda are going to disown me.) Later, crafty mommas. C
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Thimbleanna said...

No love yet??? Are you and Boris smoochin' on the couch or something??? You must be sidetracked! And the Korean Guy??? No, No, No. It's SAWYER!! He's the HOT one! All those caustic remarks that flow from his mouth -- the Korean Guy can't offer any hotness remotely close to that! Ah well...it's for the best -- Sawyer's mine anyway, and I'd hate for us to get into a throwdown over him LOL!

gaylen said...

I'm so not involved in Lost, but The Princess got sucked in. She said it happened sometime around the second season.

I'm gearing up to head to PearlSoHo, PatchworkSoHo, and any other fibre related store I can find. Your quilt looks great! I'm looking forward to a beautiful package when I get home. g