Saturday, April 19, 2008

Miss G's handiwork

On Monday, a wonderful package arrived,and I've been a horrid slug about getting the purses their fifteen minutes of fame. Without further ado,and my apologies to Miss G, who is busy traveling about the country right now, anyhow... here are two interpretations of Amy Butler's "Swing" bag.
And here are their 'insides'. Both are fully reversible. Several people have fondled them, and the egos of both bags are horribly inflated. The one done in the Tina Givens "Zazu" fabric (second photo and lower left) even has fuzzy baby-cord handles... I might have to tote it about, just to test it. The coral-pinkyness of it is darling. And it's a perfect knitting bag. Not that that ever gets to happen... resolving to do more. Okay, I have to go. Hot date with the Mister and "Lost" tonight... and, he's making me potatoes and ham, with cheese sauce all over it. And chocolate pudding. Total comfort food. Mmmmm.
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Stephanie said...

Holy crap those are all gorgeous. I have been wanting to write you/email you forever just to touch base and I just peter out by the time I'm done on of these days I'll have to give you a real honest to god phone call :) I hope you are starting to feel better and have stopped hacking up lung chunks :) Love ya! MWAH!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.