Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random mutterings

Okay, this "cold thing" is whomping my "arse", and after five days of 'rescue inhalers' and anti-biotics, and num-yummy codeine cough syrup and the 3/5ths of a lung that I've gakked up... shouldn't I be better by now? I even took a nap today, because the grocery trip (which 'Boris' executed with surgical precision) wiped me out. Two hours of my life lost to sheer, unadulterated exhaustion. Now the wee one (aka, Dude with the swishy handbag) is falling apart, Herr Becher is looking a little peaked (you have to say it like my gran... peek-ed), and there is an abundance of all that is snotty in this house. Good thing I have Clementine's to escape to. Two of the 'Modern Quilt Wrap' kits left to their new homes tonight... yay. The boxes I ordered to package them in haven't arrived, so I might have to swing past a bakery tomorrow for some pie boxes.

Now to Notes I Must Remember:
Lotus- I finally got the yarn on Monday. Yes, you did see it in yesterday's photos, and it is quite fetching. I've already started making up the sock kits. 'Candy Floss' is being paired with the Gems 'Aqua' , and I must say, they are darling together. I'm leaving about 155 grams in a cake with your brand on it, but there's two sock-kits worth of yarny-goodness left over. It's perfect. And I lost all my "Shakespeare's Sister" when my truck was stolen (circa 1994)... I cracked up over the fact that you have a colorway for that!
Gaylen- The Man in Brown came and the bags were quickly twirled about the shop. I'm not even sure where they finally landed, though one is perched in the window. Must take photos tomorrow of all the crafty goings on that have been happening. They are beautifully done, and now I Want More. So, in the next week or so, you'll be getting a package containing a pattern and fabric to make two Amy Butler bags (one for you, and one for Clementine), though with all your traveling, etc., I expect you to get rested and covered in hound dog hair first.
Ann- I need to talk at you, because yahoo mail won't let me reply via e-mail. Call me at the shop when you get a minute. I think the pages you sent over are pretty awesome. I got so excited a coughing fit ensued, and I nearly pee'd my pants... that's a mighty fine website you've made for Clementine!

If I'm not dead by Thursday, there'll be petit pain au chocolat at the shop. Come sit and knit if you find yourself in Franklin, Indiana. I'll be the one knitting the striped socks, with chocolate smudges around my mouth, and a lapful of crumbs. I gotta go "med up" now. Then drag myself, my sleepy grouch of a toddler, and the freshly balded 'Boris' to bed. Tax day= shaved head. I'm just thankful the cat didn't die... he'd look like hell with his eyebrows shaved off as well. Latah, knittas. C

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Thimbleanna said...

He shaved his head??? He is SO my idol! You MUST show him a little extra love in appreciation, my dear!