Monday, August 18, 2008

About those stripes

As D-fly pointed out, I usually am all about the "work striped yarns from both ends of the ball" method of making fraternal socks. I just thought that, this time, with the toes beginning in exactly the same spot, I'd be able to carry it off. As the socks progress, however, the new colors are appearing anywhere from six to eighteen stitches "off" from each other, with no discernible change in gauge, though they are gradually increasing my tension. Oldest son has already claimed them, because he doesn't mind the bright colors and didn't think they were at all "girly".

Tomorrow is knit-night, and in the morning a group of spinners have "booked the shop" for a looky-see. I'm looking forward to meeting them all. Possibly I will have to join them, because, since the ill-fated Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, I've had a bit of the spinning bug to try and keep at bay... and it isn't working. Monday Mandi spun up the Merino/Tencel I bought at the festival, and it is gorgeous. Not quite sure what to knit it into, but having the ball laying about the shop to fondle just makes the attraction worse.

Today was such a busy one, but the highlight had to be getting three hundred bucks back from Sears, as they've currently got all the laundry machines on sale. Save those receipts, people. They do come in handy sometimes.
Now I have to go write out checks for all the bills that want paying... then I'll probably need another nap. Hoping to see some of you tomorrow night... I hear there's going to be cake. C

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gaylen said...

Maybe you should rip them and start over using a solid heel and toe? That's what I would do, especially if I was already past the heels on both of them - or in this case, where the heel would go :) They will be fabulous.

As for the blunt knit picks needles, have you considered a pencil sharpener and sandpaper? I have considered it, but never tried it. I like to snap those tiny little needles :) g