Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Y'all are crazy

There is no way I'm giving up chocolate croissants... that's what those 'flex points' are for, right? The last two times I've made them, I cut over half the butter from the recipe. The "Baking with Julia" cookbook calls for four and a half sticks; I used only two. Not one person familiar with my pastries noticed the difference.
I haven't gnawed off an arm yet, and strawberries are my new bff, especially mixed with a banana and a 6oz. low carb/low fat yogurt. I forgot to take my knitting to the WW meeting last night (if that tells you how freaked out I was), and with today being haircut/bum around town alone day, I haven't gotten anywhere on the after-thought heel socks. Tonight we watch disc 2 of "Eureka", season two. I have two points left and a pile of fat-free Pringle's. Knitting will happen while my bum is fused to the sofa.

Herr Becher is taking the journey with me. I was pleased with this until I did a little math and discovered he'll be done losing weight as I approach my "ten-percent" goal. He took Jemima out for a drag this evening... she'd forgotten she doesn't like walkies. I made sure she got ice cubes in her water dish when they got back.
It sounds like math is almost over with at Becher Haus. The children are making themselves bacon and french toast. Smells wretched. *snark* Like I said, I've got knitting, "Eureka", and Pringle's. Type at you here tomorrow... if I haven't chewed my fingers off.


Knitterary said...

Yeah, there are a lot of things I'm willing to give up. Chocolate ain't one of them. I'm told one ounce of 70% dark chocolate a day is very good for you. Don't know how many points that is, but it's about half a regular chocolate bar.

Thimbleanna said...

So, did I have the dietary croissants??? Cause they were awesome! If you tell me they were the full up version, then there's no way I'm cutting back on them LOL!

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

check your gmail account - got a surprise for you.

gaylen said...

I love strawberries - what will be your bff in the fall? g

Stephanie said...

You know...I think your plan sounds so much more reasonable than mine. I haven't been doing so hot on the diet front. I'm down 15lbs...but it should be much more than that. Maybe it was the thai I had for lunch the other day.....and the burger I snuck in with my salad.

*heavy sigh*

I hate dieting.