Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just crap...move along. Nothing to read here.

My blogging time last night was interrupted by the seven year old getting a rather dramatic nosebleed from his "summer cold". After the blood bath, his throat was sore, so I dosed him up the best way I could. Honey laced with a little whiskey and he was off to a very comfortable slumber. I, on the other hand, was left to clean up my previously white bathroom, then I was simply too brain fried to think, or type.

Yesterday business at the shop was steady, with spurts of craziness thrown in. If Monday Mandi hadn't shown up, I'd have dropped from sheer exhaustion... again. It seems that Thursday night around eleven I crawled up onto the bed...I remember thinking I'd just rest a minute, then I'd go talk to 'Boris', who had just arrived home from work. The next thing I know, it's a quarter to four in the morning, my feet are numb from hanging over the end of the bed, and I'm still wearing my contacts. I had to get up and "get ready for bed" at four in the morning. That wasn't the least bit weird. I compensated by adding some medication so I could get back to snoozeville, and got a bit grouchy at the man for not at least removing my shoes. He says he feared waking me, especially since I was out of my mind at the time I passed out. He claims I mumbled something like "I'm sick of reading blogs" as I shut down the computer, minutes before zonking out. As if. Sick of reading blogs? Never. Sick of blogs that are updated once a month. Yeah, those might be sad.

Okay, it's the big go-kart race in Franklin today. This won't hurt my business at all, right? 'Cuz racing fans and the moms of racing fans are such big stitchers/knitters. Well, it's how I'd get through the day, but not everyone can be me. I'm just hoping they don't have every street leading to the shop closed, or we're going to have a very lean week (Saturday is at least a third of the weekly sales), and there's two yarn reps coming Wednesday. Ugh. Just ugh. Latah, crafty mamas.


Thimbleanna said...

Ok. I know you're complaining about my lack of posting but in my defense I just can't keep up around here. And I'd rather READ blogs these days than write about the lack of crafty happnin's. Sounds like you need a long rest -- without your contacts in!

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooooooh, nosebleeds scary. here is my treatment.... take a kleenex or two and dip it in ICE cold water (put some ice cubes in a bowl of water and stir until the water is very, very cold) then form the wet kleenex into a tampon shaped object, place up in the nose and hold edges of nostrils securely. yes, i know this from experience. scary.